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This and That About CBD Toothpicks

There are tons of unique CBD products on the market these days, including CBD toothpicks. Many users are surprised to hear about this consumption method. Do CBD toothpicks really work? And how?

Consider this a brief guide to CBD toothpicks. Read on to discover the pros and cons of this method and learn whether CBD picks are the product for you. Plus, you’ll find the best CBD toothpick brand on the market.

This and That About CBD Toothpicks

What Are CBD Toothpicks?

CBD toothpicks are pretty much as they sound. If you’re someone who likes to keep occupied by chewing on something, then CBD-infused toothpicks could be the product for you. Essentially, it’s a regular toothpick infused with cannabidiol, allowing you to chew and suck to your hearts content as the cannabidiol is released.

Manufacturers can make CBD toothpicks with wood or other materials. Sometimes, smoother materials provide a better mouthfeel and a more pleasant experience.

Often, brands also add additional ingredients. While you chew, your mouth fills with not only CBD, but also delicious flavors. True to form, it’s common for brands to use natural flavorings for the healthiest product possible.

In some cases, there are also ingredients designed to promote oral health. CBD toothpicks clearly pack plentiful benefits.

The Benefits of CBD Toothpicks

CBD toothpicks work in a surprisingly similar way to tinctures. As you chew, the glands in the mouth absorb CBD to take it to the ECS, which is how it works with oral CBD drops. However, CBD toothpicks tend to taste much better than CBD oil thanks to added flavorings.

Toothpicks also tend to contain more CBD than a drop of oil. In general, you can expect to find 15-25mg of CBD in each pick. Of course, the CBD is released more slowly, so toothpicks are more time-consuming. However, in this way, CBD toothpicks also provide some of the same benefits as CBD edibles, with the CBD setting in over a more extended period.

You don’t even have to use up the entire pick at once. You can chew on it for a few minutes at regular intervals throughout the day for a constant CBD dose. For reference, a typical CBD toothpick has released all its CBD after 20 minutes of sucking.

Another benefit of CBD toothpicks relates to oral hygiene. It’s unlikely that you’ll be picking food out of your teeth with them, but they still have advantages. Many brands infuse them will dental ingredients that support healthy teeth and gums. As a result, you’re benefiting from more than just CBD!

Finally, toothpicks are subtle. Although CBD is widely accepted these days, you never have to worry about your annoying co-worker pestering you about CBD ever again. Nobody will even know you’re using CBD!

Cons of CBD Toothpicks

There are some drawbacks to CBD toothpicks.

  • Takes longer than some methods: When using oils and capsules, you put the CBD in your mouth and you’re done. CBD toothpicks require a bit of work. You need to get into the habit.
  • Limited strengths: There isn’t a large range of CBD picks right now. Those looking for high-strength CBD products might need another consumption method.
  • Not all CBD is extracted: With picks, there is unfortunately no way to tell when you have every last drop of CBD.

Are CBD Picks Right for Me?

If you’re someone who likes to chew on things, then CBD toothpicks are likely to be a great fit for you. They’re also perfect for users who enjoy exciting flavors and unique experiences.

Toothpicks are portable and easy to use, making them ideal for a wide range of users. However, they’re not the right product for you if you need high-strength CBD or if you’re someone who struggles to suck and swallow food.

CBD toothpicks are proving to be really popular for a variety of reasons; try them and see how they feel!

Where to Buy CBD Toothpicks

Several brands are now selling CBD-infused toothpicks. However, by far the best option is PureKana. This brand has one of the largest ranges of CBD toothpicks around, in an enormous variety of flavor options.

PureKana calls it’s picks Pure Picks, and they are a unique product. They contain spilanthes extract, designed to promote oral hygiene while you chew. These picks release CBD for up to 50 minutes, with 25mg per pick. Flavor options include Cinnamint, Churro, Mountain Berry, and more!

If you think CBD toothpicks are the right product for you, don’t miss out on the incredible Pure Picks from PureKana.

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