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Best CBD Toothpicks [2020]

CBD toothpicks are a relatively new addition to the CBD market and have become extremely popular, offering a new way to enjoy CBD throughout the day.

Just like regular toothpicks, those infused with CBD can be snacked on over an extended period of time and make a great way to distract yourself when in anxious situations. CBD-infused toothpicks have a few advantages over your standard wooden pick that you might be presented with after a restaurant meal.

Best CBD Toothpicks [2020]

Of course, the most significant difference between your typical pick and a CBD toothpick is that it is infused with CBD, giving you a discreet and convenient way to consume a small CBD dose no matter the situation.

Another significant difference, and one that makes them more enjoyable than regular picks, is that they also tend to be infused with delicious flavors.

With CBD toothpicks, you can easily enjoy all of CBD’s benefits rolled into one convenient, flavor-filled stick. So, let’s take a bit of a look at where you can find some of the best CBD toothpicks when shopping online.


Kushly is a fantastic budget option for anyone looking to experience all of CBD picks’ benefits without having to part with large sums of money.

While Kushly might often be thought of as the budget CBD pick option, it still packs a great deal of quality and potent CBD into each pick, so you don’t have to compromise.

One of the beautiful things about Kushly’s toothpicks is that they are available in several delicious flavors; you can enjoy a different burst of flavor each day. Options include cinnamon mint, perfect as an after-dinner treat, strawberry limeade for a refreshing burst of flavor, and tropical mint, for times when you wish you were sitting on a beach with a cocktail in hand.

Kushly has carefully designed its picks to provide you with a good CBD burst and to improve your oral hygiene. Kushly has worked with industry experts to understand the main benefits of toothpicks and ensure that they incorporate these into every single one of their picks.

Each one of Kushly’s picks contains a precise 25mg of CBD, which is slowly absorbed as you chew on the pick. Picks come in handy, easy-to-store containers, complete with ten picks so that you can take them with you no matter what the situation.

Kushly uses high-quality THC-free CBD to infuse all of its picks, sourcing all CBD from organic hemp farms. Lab testing is then used to ensure consistent quality and potency in every drop of CBD used.

With so many amazingly tasty flavors to choose from, Kushly’s CBD picks make a great alternative to snacking on sugar-filled candy, helping you care for your teeth rather than harm them.


PureKana should be a top pick for anyone who enjoys having a wide selection of flavors to choose from. PureKana’s CBD picks are currently available in 10 different flavors so that you are guaranteed to find a flavor combination you love.

As with all of PureKana’s products, the picks are infused with the very best CBD derived from USA grown hemp plants.PureKana works closely with farms to source hemp, ensuring sustainable growing methods and consistently high quality.

PureKana offers customers the ability to view detailed lab reports for all of the CBD sticks before shopping. Within these reports, you can access a complete cannabinoid breakdown as well as a list of all compounds contained within the final product. On the one hand, having these reports means that you can see exactly what you are purchasing and consuming so that you can shop with confidence.

Each one of PureKana’s picks is carefully infused with 25mg of potent CBD, ensuring that each pick is packed with a rich, healthy dose of CBD. The picks come in packs of 10 in a handy tube container that you can easily slot into your pocket for pure storage and transportation.

A big part of the fun when it comes to PureKana’s CBD picks is the full range of tasty flavors just waiting to be enjoyed. Flavor options include: Churro, mountain berry, caramel apple, and orange buzz. With ten flavors to choose from, taking CBD will never feel boring again.

Final Thoughts on CBD-Infused Toothpicks

CBD infused toothpicks are an excellent way to easily incorporate a small CBD dose into your day while enjoying a fun burst of flavor. Consuming even a small dose of CBD regularly is thought to offer a wide range of potential health benefits. So, what better way to get your health benefits than with delicious tasting picks?

If you are looking to learn more about the benefit of CBD picks, make sure to check out WayofLeaf, a website filled with a helpful article designed to teach you all of the CBD basics that you need to know.

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