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Things You Need To Consider Writing An Essay

Writing an essay is the most appropriate way to present a personal thought about a topic. It is also a type of work done very frequently in the academic field. Below I have provided a step-by-step guide to writing an essay.

Things You Need To Consider Writing An Essay

Things You Need To Consider Writing An Essay

Choice of topic. Plan

Before starting to write, it is advisable to make a work plan and, of course, define what the essay will be about. If, for example, we want to talk about the consequences of drug addiction in society, it would be better to determine this topic with accuracy. That is, whether it will be discussed in a general way, or of a specific public, such as the use of drugs in school-age youth. Keep reading “

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structure & Trial parts:

Title. Like all written work, the essay must have a title that is left to the author.

Introduction: In the first paragraphs the subject will be presented, and it is possible to glimpse a part of the idea that will be defended throughout the essay:

Example: In an essay with the theme “Use of social networks by young people”   the introduction could be: Today the use of the tools provided by social networks is already part of everyday life. However, its immeasurable use has very negative aspects, especially in young people.

Thesis: The thesis is the main idea that will be defended in the essay.

Example: If the subject of the essay is about the death penalty, a thesis on it could be one of the following:

The death penalty as fair punishment for the offender

The use of the death penalty as a measure to reduce crime.

In this case, these are two opposing theses, since it will be up to the author of the essay to adopt a position and define it in the development of the essay.

Developing. The arguments

The arguments constitute the pillar of the essay. Without arguments, it is not possible to transmit and convince the reader about the thought that you want to expose in the writing. What does argue mean? It is simply, build your own reasoning and in order, following a system.

Giving an opinion on a topic is an argument. If for example, someone says “I did not like the movie”, it is not really expressing any arguments there. On the other hand, if you say “The movie I did not like because I saw a very poor performance in the main character” we are already faced with a well-founded opinion. It is the strength and the construction of the argument that will attract the reader to agree with the idea that we are proposing.


In conclusion, I want to say that these are the primary things you need to consider writing an essay. Essay is not hard like rocket science. On the other hand, if you face any trouble to write an essay by yourself.

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