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How The Internet Of Things Could Prevent Wasted Energy

As the world around us changes, there are many things that come along that changes the whole way the world works. The most recent in this long line of changes is the introduction of the internet. However, this has advanced even further recently with The Internet of Things.

How The Internet Of Things Could Prevent Wasted Energy

But what exactly is it? Filled with untapped potential to change the way we live our lives, The Internet of Things is the network of devices, such as vehicles or home appliances, which contain electronics, software, actuators and connectivity that allow things to connect, interact and exchange data. It’s essentially what we commonly know as smart technology.

More recently it’s been suggested that The Internet of Things could actually help to prevent wasted energy. We’ve already seen this through the usage of RTU devices, which help to secure data on energy remotely for companies.

But just how could it help us finally unlock energy efficiency? Let’s take a look.

How it Could Help

The Internet of Things could actually be instrumental in helping buildings, both private and commercial, save on wasted energy. The ways it could do this include:

  • It can help with the monitoring of energy consumption, meaning it’ll be able to provide key parameters such as temperature, which is itself a hugely valuable proposition
  • When it comes to buildings, you’ll be able to add a ‘feedback loop’, which will allow buildings to become smart and able to optimise consumption effectively
  • Also, the machine learning algorithms will then be essential for when the time comes to exploit the huge amounts of data that would have been generated

While this is all great for businesses, as it’ll allow them to gather data and save money, as they won’t be wasting as much energy, it’ll also be great for the environment.

Environmental Impact

Global warming is constantly in the news, and it’s this sort of technological adoption that could really help in the fight against climate change.

With buildings becoming smarter, it’ll help to reduce not only energy consumption but also C02 emissions. Although this might not sound like it’ll have a huge effect, it has been noted that 35% of all global energy consumption comes from residential and commercial buildings. Therefore, as The Internet of Things is introduced to more businesses and the data gathered becomes more reliable, it’ll all help to work towards cutting down on excessive energy consumption, making businesses greener and the world a much better place.

It appears that the world of technology isn’t just helping to impact business, but the world as a whole.

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John Paul
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