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Top Companies Who Offer Remote Writing Jobs

A remote writing job is the one where you are your own boss and where you have the flexible choice of working on your own. This seems like a dream but, it can be somewhat hard to find work initially and from time to time. There is no guarantee for the next work even if you have the best profile ever. Sometimes, it is just not your time.

Top Companies Who Offer Remote Writing Jobs

For that purpose, you can always apply to these top organizations and companies given below.

  1. Journalism Jobs:

This website is ideal for you as a remote writer if you are interested in the journalism field. The website ‘Journalism Jobs’ promotes and hires aspiring writers to break through in the journalism industry. If you work here, you will get assigned some journalism based tasks on a daily basis along with the deadlines. However, if you have a good command of English language and vocabulary, then you may get some extra tasks of editing articles for extra cash. With this website, if you are good at persuading people and engaging with them, then you have the chance to work as an Ad copywriter as well.

  1. Moravia:

If you are bilingual or know more languages,then do not waste your skill and apply for a remote translating writer at Moravia. Moravia is a website which provides translating services to all the clients around the world. People at Moravia want to hire people who belong to the same culture and language as their client to avoid mistakes and communication barriers.

  1. Enago:

Enago provides a great opportunity for aspiring writers a platform to receive a good amount of paid writing gigs which can be easily done from the comfort of their home. You do not necessarily have to be a native English speaker and writer. You just need to know the basic principles of English to get a remote writing job at Enago.

  1. Morning Coffee eNewsletter:

Through this website, you can work as a remote writer and directly contact your clients. This website features aspiring freelance writers and provide them with a platform where they can easily find clients. With the assistance of this website, you do not have to constantly fish for clients or send multiple emails to various companies. Simply set up your profile and apply for remote writing jobs without having to worry about the authenticity of your client because the website has already verified them.

  1. Gadget Flow:

This platform, founded in the year of 2012, is a dream world for a remote writer who loves gadgets and technology. If you are someone who likes to analyse and compare gadgets, then apply as a remote writer at Gadget Flow.

  1. Film Daily:

Film Daily is a website that provides information about the indie film industry with their fans online. The best part is that Film Daily hires remote writers to produce content from the comfort of their home. You do not have to be an indie film fanatic, just have a basic vocabulary, research skills and know how to apply the basic principles of the English language and you have a remote writing job at Film Daily.

These are the top companies and organizations that hire remote writers and pay them to work from the comfort of their homes.

John Paul
John Paul
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