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Routines Simpler With These 5 Android Apps

Productivity is one of the most important requirements for doing any job our days. The more you do in a short period of time, the more competitive you become! Appropriate software using is one of the key time management goals. That’s why you should know about these 5 applications which are designed to help you do it!

Routines Simpler With These 5 Android Apps


For years at I accustomed to using multiple cloud storage applications and Dropbox app is the only one, which I picked for personal use about 5 years ago. This app provides the fastest service among its competitors. Though it’s not the most versatile solution on the market, it is the most mature one.

To start from scratch, you have to create some folders and adjust the app to sync them with certain destinations on your smartphone or any other device driven by any operating system. After that, Dropbox would do everything by its own in background mode. All uploaded files are sharable with anyone by means of direct download links.

Advanced subscription provides convenient tools for businesses, such as stratification of responsibilities between team members and administrators. In addition to that, you can see versions of documents for up to 120 days.

Checklists are used to plan daily, weekly, and monthly tasks from time immemorial. is a planning solution for smartphones and workstations, which synchronizes tasks from other planners like Google Task.

This app allows you to forget about annoying time-taking typing due to smart voice input. In case you can’t talk, the text field would try to guess your thoughts to save some time. Teamwork features include repetitive group multitasking. It means that there’s no more need to create same goals time after time. Adjust them ones and enter remarks if needed.

The task flow is fully adjustable, so you can divide goals into categories and set specific priorities to separate home, work, leisure, and so on. With app, there’s no need to change daily to-dos sequence by typing. Just select a note and tap “today’, “later”, “done”, or “delete” to organize the flow.


This tool has the same idea that, but has some unique features which endow it with a business slant. The most important of them is the history of versioning. Activity journal provides comprehensive reports upon any team members’ actions. This hint brings 100% control and negates any trickery. Trust is good but may appear detrimental. With Todoist you can track even deleted tasks because history itself is undeletable.

Many instructions may need attachments. For that purpose, this app has Google Drive and Dropbox integration with no need in switching between platforms to save time and maintain the focus of attention.

Reminders support destination-alarms. It means that you can create a task for your employees and they would receive it on their way to the office. We tested many scenarios at, so they are approved.


There were many document scanners so far, but none of them provide such a stable performance. It’s as easy to use as it must be. Switch it, aim, shoot, share with up to 40 contacts and backup documents into Box, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, or Google Drive.

One tap printing and PDF collage making are also available. Adjustable access control makes it the safest paper doc-sharing solution of all.


This app has finished the long journey from a simple notepad to a powerful corporate instrument for developing huge projects of versatile documents in distributed groups of professionals. In addition to its smart features, it has Slack group chat integration which makes it even more wanted for businesses of any size.

This pro-notepad has AI to link all docs of community, which have a similar context to help you build or refresh the whole thing in your head.

Such additional features as paper document and business card scanner in collaboration with extraordinary safety measures make it a worthy-but-pricy solution for organizations of any scale.

Each app in this bundle has years of experience behind and trust of millions. So, the question is one: which task are you going to charge them? Any plan is executable!

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