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Points To Remember About The Things Damaging Your Air Conditioner And Act Accordingly

Living without Air Conditioner is inevitable and hence, it is necessary to take care of them just as we do of ourselves. Taking smaller steps and early diagnosis will help you to avert major expenses. But it is necessary for you to understand what things need to be taken care of, besides given in the instructions manual or by your maintenance personnel.


Let us explore few points that will surely have your Blast Auxiliary air-conditioner’s life extended longer and at the same time without need to send for repairs frequently.. Just by changing few habits and taking care of your air-conditioner, will not only increase the performance, but also decrease your cooling bills. It will prevent frequent breakdowns and won’t disrupt your daily comfort. And even if it does break down or you need any air conditioner related service, you can also get help from Sovereign Air Conditioning.

  • Water :

In many cases, water is found to be the culprit for damages to air-conditioners. Water can enter in many ways and damage it inside out. Any leakages, condensation or water entering the condenser unit by the way of storm, self-production etc. can cause severe damage to condensation unit. This can cause permanent damage beyond repairs.

  • Dirty Filters:

In due course of usage, the air conditioner gathers dust, dirt particles and gets accumulated on the filters. Filters play vital role in performance and efficiency of the air-conditioners. Clogged filters exert more pressure to pull air, and make the motor work harder leading to the damaging of air-conditioner or the motor.

If you plan out the schedule for changing the filters or regularly check and clean them, then it will maintain the efficiency of air-conditioner and lead to lower energy bills.

  • Rust:

Though most air-conditioners that are manufactured today are rust-free, you should take care of your air conditioning unit. Because of the accumulation of water, most of the air conditioner units start rusting from inside. It can impede the proper functioning of the system thereby causing internal damages.

  • Neglecting small problems:

If small issues are not attended in a timely fashion, then it will cause more damages beyond repair. Replacing worn out or damaged parts will cost minor charges and will eliminate incurring higher expense later on. By taking professional service of air conditioning San Diego, you will have your system comprehensive checked up and hence, can keep your cooling system functional all-time.

  • Heat:

If the air-conditioner is working for long hours, then it is bound to get overheated and as a result it might get damaged. Other factors of heat such as outside temperature, improper heat dissipation works against efficiency of air-conditioner. Hence, it is necessary that you have scheduled maintenance in order to avoid over-heating.

  • Improper Usage of Thermostat:

Thermostat is used to maintain the temperature and give comfort cooling at the same time saving energy and increasing the efficiency of the air-conditioner. But by adjusting the temperature high to low frequently, it makes the compressor turn on-off frequently and thereby increasing the load as well as disturbing the machine. Secondly, the air-conditioner should be turned on during occupancy and you should not turn it on unless you are present.

Thus few points of good care of your air-conditioner will serve you better and avoid incurring huge expense later on.

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