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The Very First Step You Must Take Post You Are Bitten By A Dog

Dog bite

Dog bites not post seeking an appointment or lets you know before it bites. You may experience a dog bite when you expect it the least. It can happen anytime. You may get bitten while you are taking a morning walk or having an evening stroll. Whether you got surprised by the dog or vice a versa, dog are a totally unpredictable animal.

A raised and harsh voice might not help always. The risk of you getting bitten is extremely high regardless of your defense mechanism or the dog being a pet. No matter how and when the situation arises, you should be well prepared. You must know what to do next when something like this happens to you. You may visit for more details and get updated.

The first thought that strikes your mind when you get a dig bite is- who owns the pet? Since you just faced something unexpected, your senses might not work to catch the collar ID of the dog. There is also a chance that there isn’t any. But that does not necessarily mean that the dog is a stray. The best you may do is taking a picture of that animal. Ask your neighbor, friend or some acquaintance for doing so.

Assess the injury

Now that you are bitten, look at the wound to see how hurt you are. If the bite has damaged your skin or has caused injury to your face, be it either, seek first aid ASAP. Let a medical practitioner examine you. See whether the practitioner is making notes or no.

If the dog that bites you is known to you, then ask the owner whether the animal was injected with periodic injection shots or no. This is because accordingly, the rabies shot will be given else they might not be needed.

Dog is known

If the dog is known to you, then it is best if you let the owner know about it. Informing will help the owner only in several ways. For instance, owner may contact the insurance company for compensation.

Simultaneously, contact a lawyer that specializes in special injury cases. Try and know the rights the government has granted for you as a citizen. This is because, the insurance company might not be nice and humble to you and may adopt a real aggressive way to let you down and not let you fight your case.

The company and the owner might cause you tremendous mental pain, and that is why seeking the help of a professional is the best you may do. As this way your guards will already stay raised.

Pros of hiring an attorney

The merits of hiring an attorney for cases of dog bites are many. Some are mentioned below:-

  • The lawyers of personal injury are specialists in case like dog bites.
  • They are educated and trained well.
  • They will know exactly what step to take first and then how to follow it accordingly.

So trust them fully (do your research before hiring an attorney).

Dog bites are sad. In some cases they may cause severe harm. So be cautious by being proactive.

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