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Benefits Of Installing IP PBX Systems In Your Business Offices

A PBX system is a business telephone system, which creates internal connections between incoming and outgoing phone calls within an organization. This system is a sort of gatekeeper, which links the insides of an organization to the outside realm and manages the internal traffic existing between different stations. Previously these systems were used by a business to communally access the limited sources but now they have become so much more than just a switchboard.

IP PBX Systems

IP PBX systems

Now, coming on to IP PBX systems, they are the systems with internet protocol connectivity which switch, handle and route calls between VoIP users on local lines and allow all of them to share a certain number of external phone lines. These PBX systems are perfectly capable of interacting and integrating with other prevailing applications for business purposes.

IP-PBX systems based on Asterisk software are becoming more common day-by-day and have proved to more effective, stable, and cost effective in the market. Various industry giants are using IP PBX Asterisk system to enhance their respective positions and have a competitive edge over each other.

Benefits of IP PBX systems

  • They use an organization’s LAN and reside on its network. There is a little amount of latency and signaling distance since the distance of PBX server from the system is very less.
  • Operational costs of this system on monthly basis is lower and they decrease significantly over time, especially when there are a lot of users.
  • You can easily align and install these systems in your organization. Also, people would find it more convenient to deal with these systems, based on networks, as compared to proprietary telephone systems.
  • The management of these systems is quite simple and user-friendly so it becomes easier for the consumers to make additions and changes to them.
  • You can easily move the connections of these phones and connect them to the main server.
  • It provides unified messaging and you can add and connect branch offices to the system through internet.
  • Remote extensions are available for this system and a lot of choices can be made according to your requirements.
  • You can use SIP trunking to connect your business to VoIP providers and save money.

Main features of PBX systems

As time went by, operators of PBX systems changed and electro-mechanical as well as electronic ones were used in their places for acquiring access to different phone lines. Various features were included in an advanced PBX version such as automatic routing of incoming calls, transfer of active calls between different stations, permission or rejection of calls, call queuing, voice messaging, multi-party conferencing, etc.

Also, standard IP PBX systems are now being used instead of basic proprietary and analog digital phones. Internet has become an integral part of these systems, especially for outside connectivity. There are several methods through which you can communicate with other people such as video conferencing, emails, desktop skyping, instant messaging, mobile telephony, and SMS.

Just ensure that your system can support the IP phones and services as well as SIP. Check if voice messaging is given in the system as an add-on and it supports the history reporting and mobility features. Also see whether you can perform teleconferencing through this system or not.

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