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Importance of SEO for online Business


Finding the right key to a successful online business can be difficult. Taking into consideration that the Internet reaches millions of people every day all over the world, it is essential to stay ahead of the competition. Even with a lot of time and effort one can be stuck from making his/her online business visible and popular in the internet. Consequently, it creates a need to understand and implement few strategies to enhance the exposure of an online business.

This brings us to know the importance of Website SEO in online business. To make it simple, SEO is the method of increasing a website’s visibility and ranking in the search engine with the help of transformed codes and content of the particular website.

SEO determines the way search engines work, the things people search for, the exact search terms or the specific keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are used by the targeted audience.

The following includes a list of facts about SEO that makes it stand out as one of the most effective online marketing tool:

  1. Increase in Website traffic: Website traffic refers to the number of visitors visiting a website and the number of pages they visit. With SEO’s high-tech marketing tools and web analytics, a website’s visibility can be invariably increased.
  2. Better Return on Investment: As based on facts, a1000 visitors from a paid ad has a conversion rate of 2% while for Website SEO that gets a higher 4% conversion rate leads to a better return on investment. With people searching for a particular answer on the internet, often listings from the search engine is preferred over advertisements. This makes SEO undoubtedly more validated marketing strategy.
  3. More Economical than PPC and Adwords: Organic listings are basically free. Being at the top of the list, you don’t need to pay per click or make a budget for advertising. With a little bit of expense, you can watch your website get consistent traffic. You don’t have to spend for every person who clicks on your ad. In contrary to paid ads, your traffic will not drop to nothing when it stops. SEO avoids the need to have numerous of ads across the web.
  4. Long Term sustainable: Unlike paid advertisements the results of SEO are long lasting. The results don’t stop giving as soon as you stop paying for it. With patience, if one gets to the top spot, chances will be little to take that position away.
  5. Brand Awareness As top position rankings creates a high impression about the company, having your website in these top positions develop a trust in your company and thus improves your company’s brand awareness.
  6. Stiff competition: With a better SEO marketing campaign, you can ensure that you’re a stiff competitor. As SEO allows better visibility and ranking of your site, you can make sure that your customers visit your website before your competitors. It is always beneficial to be at top, or at least match the level of your rising competitors, who are growing every day in this online market.

The above given facts about Search Engine optimization will help you know about most important factors influencing Online Marketing.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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