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The Ultimate Guide to Double Real Instagram Followers!

Social media marketing is the key to successful business today. Besides Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is doing great guns when it comes to spreading business messages and reaching out to a broader audience base. This platform is a visual platform simple to use as well as share. When you are looking for real followers for your business, choosing the unique marketing features of Instagram does give you a competitive edge in the market.

Real Instagram Followers

Like all social media platforms, creating a marketing strategy is very important for you to reach out to the targeted audience. Likewise, when it comes to Instagram, knowledge of its unique marketing tools will help you to create an effective strategy and reach out to the targeted audience better!

Being on the top of your game on Instagram is smart. The more followers you gain, the greater will be your success. If you are on Instagram and looking for effective ways to double real followers, the following ultimate guide will help you.

Make business easy with Instagram

Both large and small- scale companies have stated that doing business on Instagram is easy. They have been able to double their followers as well as reach out to a broader targeted audience of approximately 800 million people every month. Instagram has several features that help you, double followers if used well. They have been listed below-

Instagram Ads in Stories

Every business can create compelling ads via the Instagram Story feature. A Story can change the way your followers feel about you. After Instagram launched this feature, there has been a surge in user engagement. Businesses have been able to reach out to the targeted audience looking for them better.

Instagram Stories have increased the effectiveness of business ads. Mobile ads can deliver business messages faster. The brand is showcased quickly, and the response is better. The likelihood of your business getting noticed is very high here. Businesses have witnessed a significant increase in the number of targeted inbound traffic after using the unique Instagram Story feature for promoting their business products. The key strategy here is to create an ad that has the potential to reach out to the targeted audience faster with the business message. Every ad needs to have an objective in mind. This objective is the key to making the advertisement successful.

How can Instagram Stories be a success?

Instagram Stories need to be relevant to the product you are selling. The duration of the Story is short, and this prompts instant sharing. An Instagram Story stays on your newsfeed for 24 hours before disappearing altogether. This is the fundamental reason why they are popular today. The Instagram Story is promptly shared in your network. The engagement rates are higher. The reason being the Story will be at the top of your network’s newsfeed. This prompts instant sharing. Another unique advantage of the Instagram Story feature is it does not have to be high in resolution. Since the Story appears on your profile for a short time, you do not need to focus on high-resolution value at all. In fact, you can record a live video and use it as a Story.

Instagram Direct – start conversations

Over 150 million users resort to the inbox feature of Instagram- Instagram Direct.  This makes messaging simpler and convenient. Businesses have a unique way to manage their messages. Your customers will leave a message that will directly go to your inbox. This allows you to start conversations and establish a personal relationship with the customer.

If you are a new business and wish to expand your customer base, first get Instagram followers from reputed sites like Social Growr. New customers will only follow you when they see that you have a decent number of likes and followers. Once you have gained a more or less good number of followers, start to share posts consistently. To double the number of followers, you have already, be quick and prompt to your replies. Your customers take the time to message you. The message goes directly to your Instagram Direct where you can type in an instant reply. This establishes personal contacts, and the lead generations are better.

Full-screen support for ads

Instagram is updating its features so that you effectively are benefitted when it comes to expanding your business. When you create an Instagram Ad, you now get a full-screen support feature so that your ad is projected to the targeted audience in a better way. The aim here is to enhance the customer experience and make you stand out in the crowd. If you upload a video under 15 seconds, you automatically get full-screen support for this content on Instagram Stories you share with your targeted audience. Instagram has a unique pixel matching technology that will transform the background of the ad into the full-screen format. This will enhance the user experience and have the ability to reach out to a wider targeted audience.

When it comes to the creation of an Instagram ad, be creative. Thanks to this unique feature, it is simple for you to start with Instagram Stories. Live videos and videos have better conversion rates over photographs. If you have not been using Instagram Stories for your business marketing and promotion, it is high time to begin now. The creation of the Story is simple, and when you upload it, the user engagement is high. Ensure that the Story carries your essential business message in the first few seconds so that once over it is instantly shared.

Instagram today is one of the best mobile application platforms for all businesses across the world. Using it for promoting and marketing your business brings immense value and more followers to your brand. The best part of this social media platform is that it is quick to learn and simple for everyone to use. Instagram is here to stay and thanks to its unique features, you can double your followers in no time!

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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