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Grow Instagram Followers? Here Are Some Methods That Actually Work

From a fun photo-sharing app to a serious face of content marketing, network connections, and a building tool for both individual and businesses for boosting audience reach – Instagram has been one of the most popular social networking sites out there. Having a high count of Instagram followers and liker plays a vital role in keeping your brand in the mainstream and helps in reaching potential audiences that could translate into more revenue.

Grow Instagram Followers

In this article, let’s explore what are the tactics on how to help you gain more followers that actually effective and works.

Tip #1: Cross-promote your business or dedicated hashtag

In order to expand your customer reach or potential followers, you need to make sure that your dedicated hashtag is on your Instagram’s profile or bio. Also, integrate your both offline and online campaigns from email, social profiles, and website.

Tip #2: Create a clever and concise hashtags

Instagram captions, as well as hashtags that are clever and audience-engaging, could definitely step up your game.

Tip #3: Engage yourself or your brand in popular trends or conversations

In order to gain more active , Instagram followers and audiences in your account, you need to mix topically relevant hashtags for every post you upload.

Tip #4: An informative and clear bio link works the best  

In order to drive traffic to your website or other social media accounts, you should put clickable links in your bio or profile. In this way, the potential audience could visit your most popular and newest contents or posts.

Tip #5: Fun captions

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. For example, the Instagram account of NatGeo provides their follower story-worth pictures which effectively generate sharing and engagement.

Tip #6: Consider using Instagram bots or other automated tools

Using RapidBot a bot-like software like Instagram bots is an ideal tactic for automatically liking, commenting, and following especially if you’re a busy person and needs to update your followers what’s going on.

Tip #7: Influencer marketers

Try to search someone who influences people and be updated on their posts by turning on post notifications.

Tip #8: remove any unwanted tagged posts from your Instagram profile

Unwanted tagged photos typically worthless and not eye-catching which is why if you want to showcase your best user-generated content that reflects you and your brand, you should edit your tagging options or hide all the tagged posts on your profile.

Grow Instagram Followers

Tip #9: Confirmation of tagging

Speaking of tagging, you should also control the tagged photos that could appear on your profile by changing your Instagram tagging settings in manual option.

Tip #10: create your personal and brand’s Instagram style

A stand out a profile will definitely gain more Instagram followers. Develop a unique visual content style that is easily recognizable to both audiences and likers.

Tip #11: Know your demographics

Upload posts that target your local, specific area, or your neighborhood by going to the platform’s search page and choosing the places tab and then type the location where you want to geotag your posts.


Acquiring followers and likers could be difficult as new trends and rules are being introduced to us every minute. The fact that the numbers of accounts are increasing every second make more opportunity to expand your audience reach.

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John Paul
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