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The Shifting Face of Content Marketing: A 2019 Guide

Content is still the buzzword of the minute. All the leading businesses are growing their content teams, and the rise of the content creatives are doubling in numbers. You would be forgiven for thinking that the content space remains what it is since it’s initial growth, but it has actually changed considerably and continues to do so. As the new year takes shape, here is the current state of content marketing in 2019 and how you can make it work for your business.

Link building

Many businesses create content for contents sake, because that’s the idea, right? Wrong. Your content plan is far more than just words on a page, it plugs into an overall strategy that increases your link count which can in turn increase your Google ranking. But link building is far from an automated process. Link building is only a successful strategy if the content is created with quality and the right keywords, and is published on websites with high level page authority. Finding an agency that can execute a content plan and produce quality link building will take the pressure off your plate, and will give you access to the relationships and access to reputable websites.

Importance on Educational Content

2018 was a strong year for educational content. Google and Facebook have been very clear on their opinions on only ranking quality content that adds value. Become a part of the conversation, and insert your brand or service into a commonly shared problem by providing educational content. This opens up a wide avenue of content ideas to explore. The higher quality of the piece, the stronger it will rank on Google as content that serves a great number of people. The best part about this style of content is that you can deliver it through articles, blogs, video or imagery. It’s also a great way to position yourself as an expert in the space, which will increase your engagement with your audience and potentially your conversion.

Influencer Engagement

It can be hard to know where content marketing starts and where influencer marketing begins. Now we have all seen good and bad examples of influencer marketing, and it tends to get mixed reviews from those who have included it in their content strategy. It works well and resonates with a market when the influencer is active in your niche and engaging locally and authentically.

Contrary to popular belief, micro-influencers are actually more effective than macro-influencers. Your macro-influencers have an enormous following, but that can actually hinder them from tapping into a specific market. It also makes them much more expensive to include in your content marketing budget. Micro-influencers are more open to interacting with your brand and service, and it’s an opportunity to grow a partnership with a like minded voice.

Leveraging AI

Content marketing no longer needs to be a one-size-fits-all. AI can now recognise your user, and serve a completely tailored campaign to their device. This means that if you have a wealth of content at your disposal, you can point it at varying customers and build a profile of understanding what they want to see more of, and their overall value as a customer or client. These insights will be based on keywords, audience response and current trends. Get your content working for you, and start leveraging the capabilities of AI.

Suumit Shah
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Suumit is the serial entrepreneur, a digital marketing expert with more than 8 years of experience in running a successful digital marketing agency by the name of Risemetric. To know more about him, you can follow him on Twitter


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