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How Tech can Better Your Resume

When you’re applying for a new job, you want to impress potential employers. One way to do that is through your resume. If you want to make your resume stand out, these apps come with tools and templates that will make it shine.

How Tech can Better Your Resume


Hiration’s digital career assistant comprises an AI-powered online resume builder consisting of 30+ designs & 150+ professionally-written content templates. Along with standard features found in any other resume builder, you can use the Line Spacing feature (a feature not available anywhere else) to uniformly increase/decrease spacing in a single click.

Use the capability of AI to get instant resume review encompassing bullet-level, section analysis and document-level. Use their unprecedented Next Word Prediction to add professional content in your resume. There’s an Autobold feature to bold relevant keywords across each point in a single click! Additionally, there’s a Cover letter builder, portfolio builder and a Job Board to put that great resume to action. Watch as you consolidate the entire jobsearch on a single platform!


The LiveCareer resume builder has more than resume templates at your disposal. It provides you with expert tools to guide you in each stage of your job search. You have access to not only to resume templates but cover letter templates as well. LiveCareer will also tell you which ones to use based on your career goals.

You’ll can receive personalized job alerts delivered to your e-mail: jobs exclusively for you. Or, you can choose to search the millions of available jobs in their online database. The LiveCareer app is available for free on iOS and Android smartphones.


Don’t assume that Canva is just for graphic designers. You can use Canva for anything, including your resume. Even if you don’t feel that graphics are necessary, this app will allow you to create a beautiful resume with beautiful colors and fonts. You’ll be surprised as to what you’ll come up with.

Canva has plenty of templates for you to choose from. You may have to pay for some of these templates, but many of them are free. Once you choose a template, you can include your information. Feel free to add images, create shapes, change the background color, and edit your resume in several ways.


This app will tell you exactly how to format your resume. What’s more important is what you include on your resume. Do you have trouble coming up with your achievements or work experience? EnhanCV is important for job seekers who want to land their dream career.

You can use your Facebook or LinkedIn account to add some of the basic details about yourself. From there, you can fill out your resume. EnhanCV will give you tips and pointers on how to build the perfect resume. The “Next” and “Examples” buttons will give you suggestions on how to improve on it.


JobScan is a resume analyzer that digs deep into your resume to ensure that it’s keyword-ready to send to hiring recruiters. It uses ATS software that’s used by Fortune 500 companies. Once you upload your resume and write the description of the job you’re applying for, JobScan will give you a Match Rate. It’ll determine if you meet the requirements for the position and if you included the right keywords.

You’ll have to join this site with your credit card, but you won’t get charged. The first month is free. If you cancel during the free period, you won’t ever get charged. If you keep your account, you’ll receive five scans per month.

Google Slides

Google Slides is the last thing you think about when it comes to improving your resume. This free app gives you more control over your resume, and lets you share it online. You can decide to display it on one slide or use several slides to focus on your achievements, education, work experience, and other important details.

You don’t want to use any old template. Google Slides provides you with plenty of templates. Since it’s a slideshow app, it allows you to include animations, which is great if you’re in a creative field. When you’re satisfied, you can display it on the Web and send an e-mail link to recruiters. Or, you can save your resume as a Microsoft PowerPoint file or a PDF file. Google Slides is available on the Internet, Android, and iOS.

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