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The Most Expensive Rubik’s Cubes: What Makes Them So Valuable

The Rubik’s cube is an age-old favorite of millions of people everywhere.

Since it was first made in 1974, the cube has gone through a lot of changes and improvements. As a result, it has come to represent creativity and intelligence.

Nevertheless, did you know that some Rubik’s cubes can fetch thousands of dollars?

That’s right—the basic toy you once played with has become a valuable collector’s item, with some editions fetching astronomical prices at auction.

Expensive Rubik's Cubes

We’ll be learning about the most expensive Rubik’s cubes and what makes them so valuable in this blog.

We’ll take a closer look at the rarest and most coveted editions of this iconic puzzle, from custom designs to one-of-a-kind pieces.

You won’t want to miss this fascinating journey through the Rubik’s cube world, whether you’re a collector, an investor, or just a fan of the cube. So let’s get going!

The History of Rubik’s Cube

In 1974, Ern Rubik, a Hungarian sculptor and architecture professor, made the famous three-dimensional puzzle called the Rubik’s Cube.

The cube was made as a way to teach about space and 3D objects, but it quickly went viral, catching the attention of millions of people with a challenge that seemed impossible.

Six sides of the cube, each with nine squares of a single color, can be rotated and rearranged to alter the appearance of the puzzle.

To restore the cube to its original state with a single color on each side, solve the puzzle. In the 1980s, there were many competitions, products, and even a world championship for the Rubik’s Cube.

The Rubik’s Cube has been around for a long time, but it is still a beloved puzzle and a representation of mental challenges that fascinate people of all ages.

The Most Expensive Rubik’s Cubes

Due to their rarity, historical significance, or uniqueness, some Rubik’s cubes have sold for high prices at auction. Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive Rubik’s cubes.

1. The Masterpiece Cube: $2.5 million

In 2019, Christie’s auctioned the Masterpiece Cube, a diamond-encrusted Rubik’s Cube.

An anonymous artist created the cube with over 2,000 diamonds weighing 139 carats.

Rare, high-quality diamonds like a 10-carat yellow diamond, a 9-carat pink diamond, and a 12-carat blue diamond are set in 18-karat white gold.

A special material covers the cube for smooth turning. Luxury and functionality combine in the Masterpiece Cube. It proves the Rubik’s Cube’s cultural impact.

The Masterpiece Cube was sold for $2.5 million, one of the highest prices ever for a puzzle.

This shows that people are getting more and more interested in high-end collectibles.

2. Greg Pfennig Cube: $18,000

Greg Pfennig’s Rubik’s Cube is rare and unique.

This $18,000 gold cube is solid and a unique puzzle that is meant to be admired rather than solved.

The cube’s sides have intricate engravings and a special process gives it a golden color and shine. Puzzle and art collectors covet the Greg Pfennig Cube.

Even though it’s expensive, the cube is still a sign of how popular the Rubik’s Cube is and how puzzles will always be fun to do and can be beautiful works of art.

3. Over the Top Cube: $2,650

The Over the Top Cube is a luxury version of the classic Rubik’s Cube puzzle that costs $2,650.

The original idea of the puzzle is elevated to a new level of opulence with the creation of this cube from premium materials like solid gold, silver, and precious gems.

The Over the Top Cube is made for collectors, puzzle fans, and anyone looking for a distinctive, high-end item.

The cube is both a puzzle that works and a true work of art thanks to its exquisite materials and intricate design.

The Over the Top Cube’s high price reflects the exceptional quality of its components, its scarcity, and the care with which it was made.

The Over the Top Cube is a must-have for anyone who wants a truly unique and luxurious item that can be used to start a conversation or put on a shelf.

Why People Collect Expensive Rubik’s Cubes

There are several reasons why people collect expensive Rubik’s cubes.

First of all, some people enjoy solving puzzles and are fans of collecting different cube designs to challenge themselves.

The value of rare or limited edition Rubik’s cubes can increase over time, so some people collect these pricey cubes as investments.

Third, some people collect these cubes to show how much they like puzzles and to show off what they have.

A high-end Rubik’s cube can be a sign of wealth and sophistication, so some people collect these pricey cubes as a status symbol.

No matter why a lot of people now enjoy collecting expensive Rubik’s cubes as a hobby.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the most expensive Rubik’s cubes are considered valuable for various reasons such as their rarity, unique designs, and history.

Whether it’s for personal collection, investment, display, or status symbol, owning an expensive

Rubik’s cube has become a symbol of passion and appreciation for the classic puzzle.

The market for high-end Rubik’s cubes continues to grow, and as more and more people discover the joy of collecting these magnificent pieces, their value is likely to only increase in the future.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of Rubik’s cubes, understanding what makes these cubes so valuable is an essential part of appreciating their significance.


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