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The Growing Mattress Industry

The mattress sector of the market is steadily growing due to new and innovative designs for mattresses. Gone are the days of generic innerspring mattresses combined with a box spring as the only option available for purchase. There is a wide variety of mattresses to choose from, from the updated and improved innerspring coil, to the memory foam, to the latex, to the airbed and others. Studies have been conducted at personal, scientific, and also marketplace levels to aid in the discovery that one mattress suited for one person does not exactly mean it will suit the following person in the same way. There are people that have certain medical conditions or existing injuries that require a specialized comfort and support level from the mattress they choose to spend their nights on. Soft Mattress are new trend in the market and best suits to have a good sleep routine.Growing Mattress Industry

Top Brands

There are retailers in the mattress sector that will only specialize in a certain style of mattress but there are ones that choose to carry a range of mattresses for purchase. The top selling brands for mattresses are Sealy, Serta, Tempur, Sleep Number, and AmeriSleep, according to reviews done by marketplace insiders. It is always beneficial to keep in mind although a brand name is popular among consumers, it does not necessary translate to the best mattress available for your personal needs. The majority of the big mattress retailers will carry different type of mattresses for the appeal to a variety of consumers in the market looking to make a purchase.

Online Platforms

Online retailers

Online retailers are also starting to emerge and make their mark in the competitive mattress field. Due to rapid increases in the use of online shopping, a person tends to receive a better price and greater warranty or other options over a physical retailer. Busy lifestyles, cost, proximity of the store and other factors can to lead a person to utilize online shopping for multiple reasons such as research, reviews, etc. Location stores sometimes can inflate the price of the mattress to reimburse costs incurred by them, such as the cost of manufacturing to the stores’ operating costs, from supplier of the mattress. These inflated prices are, in turn, recouped at the expense of the consumer. Using an online retailer can eliminate the middle-man from the purchase and it is reflected in the cost. How a person chooses to purchase their mattress is of their own judgement and it is always good practice to research all areas pertaining to the purchase, from delivery to warranty to trial periods, regardless of the medium used.

Some of the more popular and top-searched online retailers compiled from a variety of sources leading the charge in the online sector are Perfect Cloud (sold exclusively through Amazon), Plushbeds(a latex mattress earning top reviews in all categories), Eco Terra (a hybrid coil and latex mattress), and the Lull Mattress. Lull Mattress is a brand of memory foam mattresses that was created by Sven Klein after negative experiences in purchasing a new mattress with his wife. Problems with rude customer service and obtaining a mattress that did not meet quality standards for the expense. The Lull Mattress gets good ratings from numerous online sources and has been successfully tested and welcomed by honest consumers to achieve a 95% satisfaction rate in polls.

Online critics and bloggers

Also available through online are websites and blogs dedicated to discovering the best mattresses available for the price. These sites will test different styles of mattresses and give critical but honest reviews on different factors such as the support levels, cooling temperatures, special features, cushion levels, and even shock absorption levels. One of the leading websites for mattress research would be The Sleep Judge, a site where testing is done by real-life people on basically every mattress available. This comprehensive site offers the information found by either article based pages or video reviews for those short on time. They will let a consumer know how the mattress met standards in a range of categories and what price range a person can expect for the style they are looking at.


People need sleep, it is that simple. The average adult is recommended to get anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep per single night with the hours slightly higher for children; it is recommended they get anywhere from eight to ten hours of sleep per night. If the average person is going to spend approximately a third of their life sleeping, it should be in comfort while maintaining top quality support. Sleep is one of the body and mind’s top sources of fuel, being used for things such as memory storage and restoration and repair. Without sleep, a person can become moody or plagued with aches and pains. In advance to purchasing a new mattress, always talk to experts and complete thorough research. Test different styles to find the best fit for you and don’t be afraid to step outside the box in searching for a new mattress.

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