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12 Motivational Ways to Sleep Better and Stay Healthy

People are aware of the benefits an 8 hour sleep can bring in. Good quality sleep during the night time can bring about a lot of improvement in your health like better memory, increased longevity, weight loss control, decrease in anxiety and improved blood pressure. A good eight hours of solid sleep will make the next morning pleasant and refreshing.

Sleep Better and Stay Healthy

No Shutdown Just Repair

When you sleep, your brain does not shutdown. There are many complicated processes going on in our body and in the brain that include repair, recharge and rebuilding. While sleeping, your skin also regenerates itself. Therefore, sleeping well is crucial for our body to maintain balance. Sleeping happens in stages- Stage 1 is known as light sleep and Stage 2 is known as deep sleep. The deep sleep is very important as it is when all the repairs happen. That is why doctors always advice patients to go for deep sleep as it is very essential for your body and mind.

Even after knowing the benefits of sleep, many of us are not able to sleep well. Why is it so? What is the simplest way to get better sleep and stay healthy? Let’s look at some easy ways to sleep better.

12 Motivational Ways to Sleep Better

# Have the Numbers – Ask yourself how many hours of sleep your body and mind requires to function properly. Say no to alarm clocks and try to wake up on your own. In this way, you can make sure your body and mind is getting enough sleep to rejuvenate.

#Say Yes To Apps – It is always better to track your sleep especially if you are having trouble with your sleep. There are many apps available in the market that can help you track everything related to sleep so that you know what the problem is and can take the necessary actions to improve your sleep.

# Keep Your Mattress ready – The quality of the mattress is essential for getting a good night’s sleep. Make sure the mattress is perfect for your body and has no lumps that cause inconvenience while sleeping. Depending upon your body preference, you can decide to go for a firm mattress or soft mattress. Reviews in can help you in selecting the best mattress.

# Brain loves Darkness – Oh! Yes!!! Your brain loves darkness. The presence of light prevents the production of melatonin that is required for getting sound sleep. Make sure your bedroom has dark curtains, cover up all the electronic systems and ensure you keep your Smartphone away for ensuring better sleep.

# Say No to Blue Lights – The blue lights from electronics can harm your sleep. Studies have found that the biggest culprit for not getting enough sleep at night is the blue light or the light emitted from electronic devices. Avoid such lights at least for a couple of hours before going to bed to get better sleep.

# Ensure Your Bedroom is cool – It is essential to keep your bedroom cool as you get better sleep when it is cool. It is difficult to sleep in a warm room and you end up tossing and turning.

# Follow a Routine – Yes!!! Our brain also likes to follow a strict schedule. Have a clear routine and stick with it. This ensures you get good sleep every ngiht and your body and mind remains fresh and healthy during the day.

# No Alcohol Please – “Alcohol is injurious to health” – no, not again!!! We are here not to lecture on alcohol, but on sleeping. Alcohol and products that contain caffeine can take your sleep out of your bedroom. So say no to such products or do not consume them at least 3 hours before going to bed.

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