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The Challenge Of Digital Marketing Agency In Indonesia

Internet has changed how human connected each other. In the past, it will need hours, days and even months to send message from one area to other area. Nowadays, with internet, you don’t need to wait that long. In fact, you can do it instantly. You can even send message and communicate with other people from the other side of the Earth directly. In simplest way, internet has made our world become much smaller. And this condition gave birth to the area where business world can used to expand their business range as well as new market that they can aim. They are the internet user/consumer. This is where the digital advertising starts to become one of important part of business. Without it, these companies won’t be able to reach this new market. And, in order to use this new method, they will need help from digital marketing agencies. This situation happens in all countries, including Indonesia.

The Challenge Of Digital Marketing Agency In Indonesia

Digital Advertising in Indonesia

Although Indonesia is developing country, but the digital environment in Indonesia can be considered to be the most developed among many other developing countries. We can say that Indonesia people are ready to receive this kind of new marketing strategy. The data also shows that Indonesia internet user is very knowledgeable about this online world. Just like what you can see from the explanation below:

–       4th place in the world rank, for the time internet user spend every day with 9 hours per day,

–       3rd place in the world rank, for the time internet accessed through mobile gadget, with more than 4 hours per day,

–       3rd place in the world rank, for the time internet user spend to access social media, with more than 3 hours a day,

–       3rd place in the world rank, for the most of usage of Ad-Blockers, with 50% internet user in Indonesia use it,

–       4th place in the world rank, for the numbers of Facebook user, with 130 million,

–       6th place in the world rank, for the mobile web traffic, with 72%.

By looking at the data above, we can say that internet has become the important part that can’t be separated from Indonesia people life. Moreover, Indonesia people also spend averagely $251 at online store. Then, with 71% digital optimism, there are more Indonesian internet user believes the opportunities that they can get from internet. Therefore, if many companies can optimize this situation by delivering a good digital advertising campaign, we can see that the good result will come in the end.

This is also the reason why digital marketing agency will hold important role in the digital advertising industry in Indonesia. They are the only help that companies can use to reach and send the message to the promising consumer in Indonesia. But, the real situation isn’t that easy. Although the digital advertising market in Indonesia seems promising, but there are also many obstacles that digital marketing agencies need to face. In fact, some of them are the main reason why the digital marketing agencies in Indonesia can’t grow faster like what it should be.

The Challenge Of Digital Marketing Agency In Indonesia

The Obstacle

Calling it obstacle maybe isn’t correct. The challenge is much fit for the situation that digital marketing agencies face in Indonesia. The first challenge that they need is the trend in internet grow as well as usage among Indonesia internet user.

–       Social Media Trend

The first trend is the social media condition in Indonesia. Nowadays, social media can be said to be the important part and even primary needs of internet user in Indonesia. Internet user use social media for many purposes. They share information, communicate with other people. With so many features that social media offer, the growth of social media user increase significantly.

Moreover, currently, social media also become the best place for internet user to find information about product and service from many companies. In fact, the 59% of online store consumer find out about the product and their service through social media. Now, can you imagine if you have business and you use social media to promote your product? You will get significant increase in transaction and of course, profit.

Here, digital marketing agency needs to know how to optimize social media for their client. They have to create right campaign for digital advertising using the social media trend. Therefore, in the end, their client will get best result from this campaign.

–       Audio-Visual Content Trend

With much better internet service than few years ago, although we can’t say that Indonesia internet service can be considered to be among the best, internet user now can easily access audio-visual content. This content is much more appealing. More than that, it’s more interesting than still image. Therefore, digital marketing agency needs to use this trend by creating interesting audio-visual content to promote their client business, product or service.

–       Advanced Technology Trend

The most noticeable is the voice control trend. Nowadays, internet user doesn’t need to type and use keyboard to find anything that they want. Just talking to the Artificial Intelligence System and they can find what they need. If digital marketing agency can use this part, we can only see the big benefit that they will get.

–       Image Search Trend

Actually, this isn’t new. But, people still use internet to search image. So, we can say that this is also promising part that can be used to optimize the advertising campaign.

Basically, those are several trends that hold important role in the digital advertising industry few years later. So, what digital marketing agency needs to do in order to use those trends? Actually, there are many features that they can provide in order to increase the chance to get best result for the campaign, such as direct message, social media feature, accurate information in the campaign, more consumer involvement in the campaign and better digital communication (video chat, digital payment, etc).

How about Indonesia? Do the digital advertising in Indonesia ready to follow those trends? Unfortunately, there are still some problems that make digital marketing agencies in Indonesia can’t optimize their service.

The Challenge Of Digital Marketing Agency In Indonesia

The Real Obstacle for Digital Marketing in Indonesia

–       Budget

The first obstacle is budget. Many digital marketing agencies in Indonesia face the budget problem to develop their business as well as provide the service for the client. The result is these agencies can’t compete with other agencies from other countries that provide digital service, which means the business in Indonesia prefer to use other countries for their advertising campaign.

–       Skill and Resource

Actually, the gap between human resource quality in Indonesia and other country isn’t that big. We believe in few years, our human resource will be able to stand in the same position and even in lead position.

–       No Accurate Measurement Tools

There is no such a tool that can help agency to measure their strategy successfulness level. Therefore, it is difficult to develop much better strategy.

–       Consumer Habit

Consumer habit in Indonesia is changing too fast. This is caused by too many products that are offered. Because of this condition, it’s difficult to read the consumer trend and develop strategy that is suitable with that condition.

–       Ads Attention Problem

Consumer only sees 8 seconds of ads. Therefore, it’s difficult to create the content that can really send all message that company want to their consumer. This means, digital marketing agency need to find other method to send the message.

–       Ad-Blocker

50% internet user in Indonesia use Ad-blocker, which means online ads isn’t effective anymore. The best solution is using the consumer generated content that can involve consumer more in the campaign.

–       Internet Infrastructure

This is maybe the most difficult challenge that digital marketing agencies need to face. The internet service in Indonesia isn’t as good as other countries. Indonesia internet can only run at 9.8 mbps. If you compare it with Singapore that has 54 mbps and Malaysia with 16 mbps, you know the different is too great. Maybe, if this problem can be solved, most of digital advertising problem will be solved as well.

Arfadia Digital Marketing Agency

Although it looks like the digital marketing agencies face bad situation in Indonesia, there are some of agencies that can service and even prove themselves to be able to face the condition and succeed. One of them is Arfadia.

Arfadia is digital marketing agency from Jakarta. They provide full digital service for client from all over Indonesia and other countries. They can be considered to be experienced in this industry, because they have been around since 2008. More than that, they also have good team consist of expert and professional in digital advertising.

Then, they also have successfully get certification, such as:

–       Quality Management System, ISO 9001: 2008

–       Environmental Management System, ISO 14001: 2004

–       Management System Occupational Health and Safety, OHSAS 18001: 2007

Actually, Arfadia is the proof that digital marketing agency can still run their business and success in Indonesia digital advertising market. So, others also can do the same. The thing that they need to do is conquering all the obstacles that mentioned above.


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