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5 Useful Features of Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 is a very useful suite that most of the businesses and individuals have used at one point in time. Microsoft have incorporated several useful features that are focused on increasing the usability of the office suite.

In this short article, we are going to talk about 5 useful features of Microsoft Office 2007.

Features of Microsoft Office 2007

1. Fluent User Interface

The new Office suit comes with a new User Interface which is known as Fluent User Interface. This user interface has been incorporated in several Microsoft Office 2007 applications including PowerPoint, Access, Word, Excel and Outlook. These are the most useful Office Applications and that’s why they were selected for the new user interface.

2. Ribbon

You will now have a panel that houses most of the Microsoft Office shortcuts. It is now present in the most used Microsoft Office applications including:

  • Ms Word 2007
  • Ms Excel 2007
  • Ms PowerPoint 2007
  • Ms Outlook 2007
  • Ms Access 2007

On each of the above applications, there are different set of tabs that expose the functions that the application offer. There are some of the tabs that are available on Ms Excel 2007 that are not available on Ms Word.

3. Office Button

Office 2007 now has Office Button which is located on the top-left of the windows. This button has replaced the file menu. The main reason why it was included is to offer access to functionality common across all office applications.

Some of the commands available on Office Button Include:

  • Print
  • Save
  • Save as
  • Open
  • Share among several others

This Button can as well close the application. You also have a good opportunity to choose the color schemes for the interface. What the above means is that this office Button follows the Fitt’s law.

4. Galleries

The gallery simplifies the functions of the applications. Now the user can just choose a tab in the gallery and click to implement the action. They represent the formatting options. You can apply any of the formatting commands available on the gallery to given elements of the document you are dealing with.

Most of the principal format options available on the gallery are simple. They are the same as they were in the previous version while others are sophisticated. You can insert footer, insert an image or even insert charts and hyperlink your document.

5. Live Preview

This is another very useful and the most used feature of Office 2007. Every time you move the pointer on any of the commands on Gallery, live preview pops up. It displays the effects of each of the format options to the document you are writing. It gives you a hint of what is supposed to happen in case you choose that specific option.


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