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Benefits of Moving to an Electronic Document Management System

When it comes to regulated documents, most of the organizations are still stuck in the paper world. There are a lot more technical, financial and operational hurdles that you need to overcome while implementing document management system, there are a lot more significant benefits once these systems are placed.

Here are 5 benefits of moving to an electronic version of document control:

Benefits of Moving to an Electronic Document Management System

  • Controlling the Version Better:

How many times has it struck your mind that you are working on the latest version of the document? In the world where emails and file sharing can be challenging due to the fact that there is no version control built-in the system. The Electronic document management system has a built-in version control that allows to version the documents automatically and also helps ensure that the overall history of the document is preserved.

  • Improved Timeliness:

One of the important aspects in drug development is timeliness. EDMS provides us with various tools that are required to drive document management process and also push documents through their lifecycle automatically.

These tools also ensure timely filing and generation of documents & records. This further translates to submission readiness and improved inspection.

  • No More Mails:

Emails are amazing tool that revolutionized the way we work, and most of us spend our days managing content and information on emails. Emails are unstructured and quite difficult to manage and sometimes create storage and security issues and hence complicates the document version control. This hassle can be removed by deploying EDMS as it removes the security and storage burden and the need to distribute content via mail.

  • Increased Document Security:

Regulated content is mostly sensitive it becomes imperative to have adequate security and control. Attaining all this through paper based DMS can be quite challenging. An EDMS can be helpful as it shows that the traceability and custody of the documents is a regulatory requirement. Protecting the documents should be on top of our list as these are one of our main assets.

  • More Reliable Backups:

In the event that you don’t recognize what content you have, it is exceptionally hard to ensure that this substance is legitimately sponsored up. Customary record the executives rehearses empower the sparing of archives on nearby PCs and non-controlled document shares. This implies regularly, substance may not be legitimately sponsored up. We frequently locate this out when it is past the point of no return and substance is lost. It is an administrative necessity to have the capacity to create unique and decipherable duplicates of records and having a solid reinforcement arrangement set up is basic to have the capacity to meet this prerequisite. EDMS incorporates all archives and records and empowers the creation and the board of these records in a single area, this thusly essentially enhances our capacity to appropriately reinforcement all substance and guarantee we can promptly recover it.

  • Lower Archiving Costs:

Paper document management and chronicling can be exceptionally work concentrated and costly, given the long record maintenance necessities for managed content in the existence sciences. Preparing, putting away and recovering records can be altogether enhanced when moving to electronic situations. Computerized record maintenance strategies enhance filing forms. The requirement for physical storage room for paper records is additionally essentially diminished or wiped out and out. Focal recording and report following is can be robotized, disposing of the requirement for physical archive the executives.

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