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Texting: The Start of a New Relationship

Texting is by far one of the most common ways generations in modern society keep in touch. Especially now that there are so many social apps through which people can chat with each other almost all day long if possible, messaging has overtaken other popular means of communication such as phone calls and letters. The best thing about short messages is that they’re highly effective in communicating the intended idea or message. They’re also interesting and don’t take much of the reader’s time and inarguably, most people use them when trying to start and conversations that eventually lead to strong new relationships.

Texting is also a strong marketing tool in the world of business. However, the effectiveness of your text will always depend on how you structure it, when you send it, why, and to whom you send it. The SMS marketing pros from Messente say that as long as you keep it short, concise, and send it to the right person at the right time, text messages can be a major game-changer to your business’ profitability. Needless to mention, texts can also be a great way to cultivate and maintain strong and healthy relationships with your prospects and existing clients, who are the makers and growers of your business. So, at the early stages of a relationship, casual, intimate, or business, what are some of the things you should observe when texting to make your SMSes effective? With more bias on regular and intimate relationships, here are a few tips for texting at the start of a new relationship.

texting at the start of a new relationship

Don’t Overdo It

As earlier mentioned, we have a plethora of chatting apps these days, which allow us to reach out to as many people as possible whenever we feel like or have the time to. If you just met a person and you have their number, apps like WhatsApp and Facebook can be great alternatives to holler at them in addition to regular SMS. But if you want to create a lasting relationship, you just can’t afford to come out as needed through the text messages you send to them via whatever platform. Sending texts to a person you’re interested in a few times a week is okay, but if you have to do 3 or so texts in a day to a few before getting a reply, it could be an indicator that you’re pestering them.

It’s important to keep your self-worth and independence intact as far as texting in a new relationship is concerned. Communication should go both ways, which brings us to the next important point.

Ensure You Both Initiate Conversations

You’ve been sending texts to this guy, you really have a crush on him, but you’re the only one who initiates conversations. In other words, you always test first and it’s like his main job is to respond. Well, perhaps he’s the busy kind of guy that cares just enough to not snob your texts, or he’s just a poor conversation starter. But hey, he should be a gentleman enough to find at least a minute or two to text you first, even if it’s just a simple “hi” or “hey”, “how was your weekend”. If you sense that you’re always the one starting conversations, this may not be a healthy texting habit and it’s bold and wise to refrain for a while. If the relationship is right for you, the person will feel something is amiss and they’ll text you first.

Ensure You Both Initiate Conversations.jpg

Drop Some Calls Now and Then

Yes, many consider phone calls a bit old school, but when done sparingly at the start of a new relationship, they can work wonders, especially in taking things to the next level. This comes from the fact that in a phone call, someone can easily detect your tone, pitch, and mood. It provides more room for interaction than a text message can.

Take It Slow

At the start of a relationship, many people make the mistake of sharing too much information about themselves… too soon. Unless it’s something about you that you really need the other person to know, it’s best to take things slow when trying to start a new relationship through texting. Most experts advise sticking to jokes, fun stuff, and texts that will leave the other person smiling at their phone.

Take It Slow

It’s important to avoid obsessing over how long it takes the other person to respond to your text.  Additionally, you’ll want to avoid the temptation of sending a text that is too intimate or provocative before you get to really know the other person. Once you start to know them, time your texts right and keep the conversation going without overdoing it. Otherwise, text messaging is a giant topic with a lot to cover, but at the beginning of a new relationship, the above few points will hopefully help see it to the next level.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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