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Own Office Vs. Co Working Office Space – Which is the Best Option?

When you are planning to start a new business or opt for the physical location of your business, you have two options with you – you may either go for renting an office space or you may opt for the option of co-working office space. Which is the best choice for you and you business depends on:

  • Types of Business
  • Target or Goal of Business
  • Approach to Work
  • Budget you have in Your Hand

Both the traditional office and Co Working Office Spaces come with their own set of pros and cons in all these four segments. To help you decide which working space is best suited for you and your business, below is the helpful guide about significant differences between these two options. See more coworking space: Coworking Bogota

Own Office Vs. Co Working Office Space


  • Traditional Offices – It is solely yours and only your working staff and employees would be using the office and each employee uses their cubicle working area or private office. In order to set them you have to take extra care and look after all aspects. From equipping the area with internet technology to filling it with furniture to hiring manager and equipments and more, every element would be you sole decision.
  • Co Working Office Space – This is the working space that you share with other members. It has a open layout design and you nurture by mingling with others and in collaboration. Apart from comfortable working desk and chair, the Co Working Office Package includes all amenities and equipments you need. From free coffee to business grade internet and more, the workplace takes care of everything.


  • Traditional Offices – In traditional offices, you are the one who needs to take care of all the expenses in traditional offices. You are responsible for organizing and managing all the functions. From security of the office space to stocking stationery and more, every small and big financial decision is all yours.
  • Co Working Office Space – Today most of the people prefer working at co working office space in Gurgaon for two big reasons – Supportive Community and Extremely Flexible Working Culture. Apart from this, the primary benefit is that they are economical option that traditional offices. Membership at co working spaces is affordable both in effort and time. You don’t need to put any effort in your part and apart from office equipments and elements, you get a affordable membership plan


  • Traditional Offices – Stubby cubicles, Grieg Walls and Poorly Lit Areas, there are some of the common characteristics of traditional office designs. From monotonous layouts to chairs that adversely affect posture to blueprint of traditional offices, all these elements are conducive to efficiency and creativity.
  • Co Working Office Space – The substratum of co working is the collaboration. For a cross team communication intuitive design is necessary and this is where Co Working Office Spaces excel as it comes with vibrant designs that nourish creativity and energy. From bay windows to splashes of colour to ergonomic furniture and greenery everywhere, each nook and corner of co working space is built with productivity in mind.


  • Traditional Offices – The conventional office spaces create barriers between employees by assigning each employee with fixed cubicles. This in turn discourages communication with the team and thinking of coloration and connections between the departments is just beyond realm of imagination. So, they have very few options for networking and communications.
  • Co Working Office Space – The basic foundation of Co Working Office Space is developing community of likeminded people and this is the reason why they inspire members to move around the spaces. The shared and lounge areas give people with the opportunities to meet new people from different backgrounds. In very less time, people can easily develop a network with an singer, artists and finance whiz.

Why Co Working Office Space in Gurgaon is Best Bet?

According to experts, leasing of working spaces would reach 10 million/ sq. ft by 2020 and the growing significance is because of the rising office rents and lack of quality ready to use office supplies and elements. So, if you are planning to run a business and want to develop a physical address, then it is a smart choice to rent or purchase a membership of Co Working Office Space.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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