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Tattoo Removal with Pico Laser

In recent years, it is extremely typical for many Singaporeans to resort to beauty therapies treatments. As recently as four years back, having your face surgically improved was something that will definitely attract snarky remarks. The booming media that medical aesthetic therapeutics is experiencing in this tiny, country is proof enough that it’s finally being approved as ok. Part of the reason for the boom in this industry is the improvement of medtech. Certain surgeries need less than 5 minutes to complete! The age of convenience had finally descended upon the beauty enhancements field – and patients are savouring every bit of it.

Pico lasers for Tattoo Removal

Nothing lasts forever, as they say. This statement certainly is true now for tattoos. If you have regretted “permanently” getting inked with a memory that you would like to forget, you would be happy to know that the machine to end your misery has finally been developed. Actually, it has existed over the recent years.

A lot of people, including aesthetic professionals, swear by the ability of Pico lasers to destroy artificial pigmentation on skin. Simply put, artificial pigmentation means tattoo ink. Among the different types of tattoo removal procedures, lasers have given the most promising results. However, the earlier generations of laser machines used for tattoo removal were not able to eliminate all kinds of colours. This is the edge of the Pico laser among all.

When used on the skin to destroy pigments, the pico laser radiates with energy charged laser beams in rapid pulses. The beam travels from the laser hand piece into the skin within one trillionth of a second. Because of this fast energy release that is released in shorter pulses, the highly charged light penetrates through the skin quickly and is able to shatter the pigments directly, leaving no time for the heat to damage the areas surrounding the target spot. The particles that are smashed into powder-like substance are then absorbed by the body and disposed of naturally.

Aside from being able to resolve the horrors of cringe-worthy tattoos, Pico lasers are also able to treat other pesky skin flaws, such as acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and enlarged pores. This treatment can also be used to rejuvenate the skin on the face and hands, restoring it to a more youthful state.

A Pico laser procedure by Dr. Isaac Wong starts at $380.

Fat Freezing

A somewhat fresh technique in fat reduction, fat freezing is a method which usually employs freezing energy to completely eradicate fat within your body. This is plausible since unwanted body fat cells are mostly susceptible to intensely cold surroundings.

People can certainly subsequently rely on their body’s all-natural procedure to extract the broken down fat tissue.  When administered on areas holding excess fat, the body fat tissues within a targeted region expire forever, triggering a loss in fat collections in the spot. Previously considered to always be a rare and specialized treatment solution, it is these days common and is supplied via numerous cosmetic hospitals in Singapore.

Generally specific spots for extra fat freezing tend to be places that possess obstinate extra fat that might be tough to minimize as well as eliminate in spite of healthy diet and training endeavours, like tummy excess fat, underarm unwanted fat, thighs or buttocks.

Fat freeze is rather costly as patients can be asked to pay determined by every spot addressed. A full tummy session can account for as much as eight parts, with every area costing $300 a part.

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Ann Castro
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