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Do you have a deviated nasal septum? Visit an ENT Specialist Today

Singapore, well known for its great level of doctors, has a few primary medical specialists.

ENT Specialists

Conditions involving the ear can happen at the ear’s exterior, occur in the middle and even inner ear. Problems can take place due to infection, or unintentional damage. Symptoms from individuals often describe having due to ear ailments including pain vertigo, difficulty hearing and temporary balance issues for the person.

ENT Specialists in the Garden City, Singapore, are also trained surgeons. The specialists perform surgeries for the regions in and about the areas of the ENT, applying improvements and fixing structural defects or disposing of abnormal lumps such as harmful tumours and fibroids.

You can also get your deviated nasal septum treated in Singapore at an ENT specialist’s clinic. A nasal septum is a wall that divides the left and right nasal passages. Normally, the septum is straight down the middle of the nose. However, there are cases where the nasal septum bends or displaced to one side and cause nasal obstruction resulting to breathing problems. This condition is called a deviated nasal septum and can be caused by various factors including nasal injury or trauma, developmental problems, genetics and can be congenital or present at birth.

For this condition surgery is usually the most common treatment option. To correct the placement of a deviated nasal septum, an ENT specialist performs a surgical procedure called septoplasty. During a septoplasty procedure, the ENT specialist cuts on one side of the nose to gain access to the septum. Then, the mucous membrane is lifted to expose the deviated septum. The septum is corrected, and extra cartilage and bone pieces are removed. For the final step, the mucous membrane is repositioned, and some stitches may be required to close the incision.

Septoplasty is usually done under anaesthesia and performed as an outpatient procedure. Some bruising and swelling may occur in the treatment area and your doctor will prescribe pain relief medications to help you manage the discomfort while recovering. The healing process and the settlement of cartilage can take time, so it’s important that you follow your doctor’s advice. Septoplasty allows for better airflow through the nasal passages which ultimately improves breathing.

Every once in a while, due to the fact that the ear, nose, and throat regions encompass the face substantially, the surgery might also apply improvements to the person’s overall appearance too. One case of a surgery which can achieve both needs concurrently is rhinoplasty that can be introduced for both cosmetic and medical needs.


Men’s Health + Sexual Test Clinic

Men’s and female healthcare doctors serve a slightly dissimilar demographics as the usual GPs. Often, they take care of sexual wellbeing for all male and women’s issues. Often, these clinics deliver a wide menu of health assessment tests, for instance HIV examinations in addition to the STD tests. In part because of the sensitivity of the details of the examinations, utmost vigilance is paid to protecting personal particulars, as to guarantee patient privacy.

Often a medical practitioner is going to request to take a blood sample to check for specific types of antibodies in your system, for example in the instance of HIV examination. Some tests are instant and will produce results instantly, while many evaluations and tests may need to be dispatched to a lab to continue assessment. A complete set of STD tests in sunny Singapore would set you back around $300 for urine and blood examinations. These medical establishments also have distinct treatment options targeting both genders.

For instance, men’s health clinics frequently give treatments for lower levels of testosterone and erectile dysfunction. For men that are having trouble achieving an erection, the medical doctor will commonly suggest prescription medicines such as Viagra or Cialis to fix the situation. With innovations in modern medicine, clinical doctors nowadays have access to advanced ways for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). An illustration of this is the usage of ultrasound technology in the treatment method for erectile dysfunction.


Gynaecologist + Women’s Doctors

For women, conditions surrounding their intimates are essentially the most consulted in women’s health clinics. One of the top killers in Singapore – breast cancer, can be intervened early through frequent screenings like mammogram. Rates of survival increase drastically with earlier detection. Females aged 40 and up are firmly advised to attend screenings for breast cancer annually.  Moreover, pap smear screenings additionally give invaluable aid when detecting initial stage cervical cancer. The health professional of yours will most likely instruct that you visit him/her for a pap smear exclusively after you’ve completed menstruating.

Gynaecologists have a large suite of solutions to provide guidance to females that are trying to conceive, assuring the pregnancy process moves along smoothly. These services are available in the form of standard checks to safeguard against an uneventful pregnancy. These tests address tests and checks on your present overall health and your womb conditions to solve any threats to conceiving. Book a meeting with the gynaecologist for a more comprehensive plan surrounding pregnancy.




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