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Tatami BJJ Gi Review

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi is a fight wear worn by athletes who practice BJJ. The Gi was found from the uniform used in modern-day Japanese martial arts and was incorporated into BJJ. The Gi is made up of heavy cotton jacket, strengthened drawstring trousers, and a belt that states the rank of the athlete. There are many brands that offer BJJ Gi, but we will be looking at Tatami fight wears. Tatami fight wear is one of the biggest BJJ and grappling brands. Tatami offers high-quality BJJ Gi at affordable prices. You might think that there are other brands that offer BJJ GI at lower prices, but you have to put the quality into consideration because you get what you pay for.

Tatami releases a lot of products every year, which can make it difficult to decide which Gi to buy. The HokoriGi is one of Tatami’s newest Gi. It is a basic Gi made for beginners but can also be used by advanced athletes who want an extra Gi that is not so expensive. The HokoriGi is produced from a lightweight material and has a very clean and simple design. The pants of the HokoriGi are made from twill cotton, and it is available for both men and women in various sizes. The Gi comes in black, blue, and white colors.

The Tatami Nova Absolute Gi is another of Tatami’s basic Gi’s, which is very comfortable and comes at a reasonable price. The Gi is made with 350GSM pearl weave fabric and 10oz cotton pants, which makes it strong and long-lasting. The tailored jacket and tapered trousers make the Gi fitted with a classy look, and the Gi comes with a free white belt. The Nova Absolute Gi is available for men, women, and even kids in various sizes.

The Comp SRS is one of Tatami’s lightweight Gi, but it is a little bit heavier than the other lightweight Gi’s. The lightweight Gi’s are made from light fabrics; they dry quickly and are perfect for competitions. They are also really great for warm weather. The jacket of the Comp SRS Gi is made out of 375GSM pearl weave pro fabric. The pants of the Gi are made with a blend of rip stop and twill cotton, which makes it feel very soft and light. The Comp SRS has minimal design without flashy logos.

Tatami also offers limited edition Gi’s for practitioners who like flashy and artistic clothing. The Tatami Japan series offers two Gi’s, which are black and white. The white Gi has the picture of a samurai inside the jacket of the Gi while the black Gi has the image of a koi fish inside its jacket. The outside of the jacket is very clean without images or pictures. The Gi is lightweight and has a rash guard lining on the inside of the jacket.

The Mike Fowler Gi is another of Tatami’s limited edition Gi’s, which was designed by Mike Fowler. The jacket of this Gi is made from gold weave fabric, which makes it shrink compared to other Gi’s. The pants of the Gi are made with 10oz twill cotton. Tatami has a great collection of Gi’s, and there is absolutely no way you won’t find something for yourself. Tatami BJJ Gi’s are definitely worth a try because they offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

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