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Most Important SEO Trends Of 2019 To Know To Stay Updated

Undoubtedly, with the change in the SEO landscape it is ideally the time for all SEO professionals to take a look at what is ahead in 2019 and beyond. It is essential for them to know what are the latest SEO trends and practices followed and select some of the best SEO tactics that will work best in this given scenario and help each site to dominate in the SERPs as well as earn more revenue in 2019 and in the years to come.

Most Important SEO Trends Of 2019 To Know To Stay Updated

Here are a few of the top SEO trends that you need to know as suggested by some of the top SEO experts and professional from SEO Company in New York and others.

Audience and user intent

This is something that you will find almost every SEO professional suggest. You will need to understand your audience as well as their intent. This will enable you to deliver them just as they want. Typically, the preference of the users may vary from one to the other. Therefore, you will need to focus on every aspect of your site development. You will need to consider what the users prefer and include features like:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video or
  • Audio in your content.

According to the SEO experts, knowing these things will all be more important than ever in 2019. This is because it will help both you as well as the audience at large.

  • You will be able to give them the answers in the most effective and simplest way possible and
  • The audience will know what to expect when they look for answers to a specific query, a keyword or a phrase.

Both will understand each other in a much better way in terms of each other’s’ interests, tastes, and preferences.

However, the choices of your audience can change more quickly than you can imagine even if you know that your website content is designed and written perfectly and is optimized. If it is done for a wrong audience then it will never help your business to grow.

Enhance audience journey

All high-ranking sites know that it is all about the audience and therefore they are more focused in enhancing their journey.

  • It is for this approach by them that has helped them to be rewarded by google.
  • It has also resulted in an increased investment of the visitors into these sites that are of highest quality.

This is especially important in this day because it helps in the SEO results and search engine rankings that has been fluctuating over the past few years. This also helps the SEO efforts and strategies to fit right into the semantic intent of the users in terms of their search query.

However, this is not an easy thing to do for the SEOs and even for the content specialists. It needs to focus heavily while creating content on the user intent of the specific keywords that they are targeting.

Shift in keyword intent and research

It is also noticed that there is a significant shift by Googlein keyword intent. In order to keep up with such a shift and meet with all the other requirements of its algorithm, you will need to:

  • Think more about the sales funnel
  • Spend more time and money in trying to rank for a broader term and
  • Shift focus to those terms that are located further down the funnel.

This will help you to know the buyers even in a much better way who are now more knowledgeable, focused, information-hungry and are more likely to be interested in a product that provides them with better content in their site.

If you want to adjust to such a shift in 2019, you will have to change the way you have been researching your keyword in order to assure a measurable SEO. Your keyword research process must include:

  • Checking the SERPs
  • Seeing whether or not the users like your content and keyword
  • Checking your ranking for a targeted keyword or phrase
  • Reviewing other sites and matching it with yours.

If after this you find that the top SERPs are filled with directories and sites and none of those is your site, then consider it is time for you to move from one keyword or phrase to another.

Now is not the time to match your keywords simply but instead you should make sure that your keyword or phrases used in the content answers the questions that your audience is asking in the most comprehensive manner. This means that you should not only answer to their initial query but also be prepared with the answers to the follow-up questions that they may come up once their initial question is answered. Therefore, you will need to focus on ways in which you can take your content a step further.

Focus on technical SEO

It is also required that you focus on technical SEO and invest a lot of time and money to it. Since the sites continue to grow in complexity with each passing year, making technical SEO is ideally a major area of investment in 2019 and beyond. In the process you will need to focus on a few key technical areas such as:

  • Speed of the site: In this modern landscape all sites need to be simpler and faster. This is because most of the SEOs have realized that Google is rewarding those sites that are fast to load in desktop as well as in mobile devices.
  • JavaScript: It is required to make your site JavaScript driven as this is one of the biggest and most effective frameworks in 2019 and is expected to be in the years to come.
  • PWAs: Progressive Web Apps or PWAs is in-thing in 2019 as this allows the sites to become more effective, sustainable and have all the abilities to provide the best experience to the users.

In addition to all these, you will also need to focus more on on-page optimization to see incredible results. Focus on links and also on shortening the conversion process.

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