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Survive Power Outages with These Generators

Power outages are becoming more common around the country these days and several states are seeing frequent outages that even last hours sometimes. With such a situation at hand, running a household can become quite challenging. Of course, you cannot expect to run every appliance in your home on batteries, but if you could keep all the essentials alive during a power outage, your life would be much more comfortable. Portable power stations are becoming extremely popular these days, especially those that support solar charging. We are sharing the best options currently available right now so you can decide which of these options suits your needs and budget the best.

solar powered generator

Goal Zero Yeti 6000X

Goal Zero is known for providing some incredible products when it comes to portable power and outdoor living. Their Yeti 6000X is a beast of a power station that can support a massive 2000W AC consumption. With a rating like this, you can easily run all your essential devices, charge your phones and laptops, and even run a couple of small appliances! The circuitry is robust and supports several failsafe features as well. However, this mini beast is not a cheap purchase either and is certainly the most expensive option on this list. If you want absolute reliability and do not see money as a factor, this could be exactly what you are looking for.

Patriot Power Generator 1800

It would come as a surprise to many people that Patriot is selling a product that almost matches the performance of the Yeti 6000X while costing less than half the price! This 1800W solar powered generator provides sufficient power for your critical devices and even appliances if you want. With a surge limit of 3000W, you can expect to run some heavy-duty machinery on this or perhaps use it lightly for a long time. It is also the only option that not only comes with a free 100-watt panel, but it also has a comprehensive collection of survival products from 4Patriots completely free!

Renogy Lycan Powerbox

If you do not want to run super heavy appliances but still want reliable and continuous power, this generator could do the job perfectly well. With a power capacity of 1075W, it can keep you going for a long time while you deal with power outages. The controls on this device are also quite intuitive and you get live information on the power usage and battery life. The trolley feature on the Renogy Lycan Powerbox is a great feature to have as it is a heavy unit, and you can move it around easily with those trolley wheels.

Point Zero Energy Titan

If you are looking for a high-power capacity solution that is not as expensive as the Yeti 6000X, this could be a reasonable alternative for you. The Titan is a beast that provides a maximum of 3000W of AC power through a highly efficient inverter. You get a massive six outlets on the power generator and connect anything you want to it without any problem! The best feature about this is that it is modular, which means you can carry multiple batteries with you and use them if you expect a more prolonged power outage. Of course, that will also increase the price further, making it an expensive option as well. With a combination of 3 batteries, the price of this solar-powered generator can match that of the Yeti 6000X!


All the devices mentioned here are known for providing great performance in real-life scenarios. People already use some of them for outdoor activities and you can undoubtedly rely on them to keep your devices running while you are having power outages in your area.

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