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Stop Snoring with These Sleep Devices

Many people snore without even knowing that they do, but anyone with a spouse or sleep partner will undoubtedly become aware of the fact eventually. Those who sleep alone and snore might be able to have no issues sleeping, but there is often sleep disruption for the other person. Here are sleep gadgets for snoring that can help your partner sleep better, and maybe you, too.

Stop Snoring Sleep Devices

  1. Smart Nora

Portable, silent, comfortable, and capable of being used with any pillow; there are many great features about Smart Nora. One of the best things about is that it is designed not to wake you up or give you any trouble while sleeping; there are no nose strips, mouthpieces, or masks involved. You are free to go to sleep as you usually do, in any position, on any pillow.

The device operates through a microphone that allows it to detect early signs of snoring. It can stop the snoring before waking up your partner by this early detection. Smart Nora uses a silent pump placed under your pillow which inflates and deflates to relocate your head and effectively interrupt snoring.

  1. Sleep Tight Mouth Piece

SleepTight is a mouthpiece designed by Dr. Mike Williams, a US dentist and member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He developed this snoring gadget because he himself had to deal with a snoring problem that he couldn’t seem to fix, even with surgery. This led him to help to design SleepTight Mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is simple to use and takes only about 5 minutes to fit. It helps people suffering from sleep apnea and can be used to treat snoring. If you’ve tried other mouthpieces that didn’t do the trick, the Sleep Tight Mouth Piece made to solve the issues that other mouthpieces exhibit. It’s also FDA cleared.

If you would like to learn more about snoring devices, sleep trackers, bed cooling systems or all types of sleep gadgets, I would recommend clicking on this link for in-depth product reviews.

  1. Good Morning Snore Solution

This mouthpiece was made to be effective, safe, and minimally invasive. This snoring solution is simple and soft and helps you stop snoring easily, quickly, and most importantly, safely. It has been cleared not only through the FDA, but also Health Canada, ARTG, and EEA. This is a mouthpiece that is recommended and approved around the world.

Good Morning Snore Solution eliminates teeth grinding and doesn’t displace the jaw. It has multiple size options and is edentate friendly. It is made to hold the tongue, and there is no boil and bite process.

The device works merely by moving the tongue towards the front of the mouth gently, thus clearing airways and ensuring there is no blockage. It is called the Tongue Stabilization strategy, and it is meant to be comfortable and safe.

  1. ZQuiet

Made to be low profile and flexible, Zquiet can work for men and women, and it is also small. This device is designed by a dentist and to be easy to use and effective. It works by bringing the jaw forward and stabilizing it, thus keeping the throat and airways clear. It still allows for freedom of jaw, however, and is meant to be comfortable.

With ZQuiet you can even sleep with your mouth open or closed and still avoid snoring. The starter pack comes with two sizes depending on your personal needs. The hinges used in this mouthpiece are soft which gives it great flexibility ensuring relaxation and comfort. There is no need for boiling or molding with ZQuiet.

  1. SnoreRx

With the ability to adjust SnoreRx in tiny 1-millimeter increments precise calibration is possible, which makes it easy to push the lower jaw forward to the perfect degree. You can readjust the calibration at any time safely to make sure you are comfortable. SnoreRx uses the boil and bite process to give you a custom impression and make sure it fits perfectly.

This device does not use either metal hardware or moving parts thanks to how it is designed. It is also latex free and is made with copolymer materials. SnoreRx is also FDA cleared.

Like some of the other devices noted here, SnoreRx also works by moving the lower jaw just slightly forward in order to keep the airway clear and unblocked.

  1. Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

The Anti Snoring Chin Strap is also about keeping the airways open and states it can help prevent grinding and clenching in the jaw. The neoprene material is made to be non-itchy and premium quality. It has a Velcro strap so that it can be easily tightened or loosened.

With this gadget, you will be able to sleep however you usually do. Many people snore because of the position of their jaw, but the chin strap holds the chin fixed in place, so you have to breathe through your nose. As long as your nose is clear and open it should work well at preventing snoring.

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