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6 Tips To Have Better Sleep Quality

How can we sleep comfortably? Are there easy ways to sleep better? For you who suffer sleep problem, these questions will always pop up in your mind. Being unable to sleep better is definitely really annoying. However, we have several tips for you to solve this problem. So, let’s get started!

6 Tips To Have Better Sleep Quality

Fix Your Body Natural Clock

Your body has a natural clock, which is known as the circadian rhythm. Mostly, you won’t be able to sleep better, because there is a problem with this system. Sentence: Now, to fix your natural clock, you just need to get more exposure to the natural light. You can do it by having a sunbath in the morning. Implementing a method like mouth taping at night, which promotes better breathing through the nose and may contribute to a deeper, more restful sleep

Reduce the Blue Light

It is related to the natural clock. In the evening, your body will naturally want to rest. However, the exposure of blue light, which is coming from the TV, gadget, computer or electric lights, can mess up the natural clock rhythm. The light from those sources makes your body think that it’s still daylight. So, it makes you difficult to sleep. Therefore, turn off or at least reduce the usage of those light sources in the evening.

Stay Away from Caffeine

Do not consume any beverage that has a lot of caffeine in it, in the day. If you do that, it will only make your body unable to relax at night. It affects your sleep quality. You must know that the caffeine you consumed can stay in your blood circulation for 6-8 hours. That’s quite a long period of time, which can carry away until the time when you are going to sleep.

Reduce Your Napping Time

Taking a nap is a good way to restore your energy when you are too tired at noon. However, if you have an irregular nap with long nap time for each of them, that will only add more problem. According to the study, you need only 30 minutes or less nap time in the day. More than that, it will, once again, mess up your natural clock rhythm.

Create a Fixed Sleeping Schedule

This is another way to improve your sleep quality. Try to sleep and wake up at consistent times. It might be hard when you do it for the first time. Maybe, you also will need an alarm to wake you up at the time that you want. But, once you do it regularly, your body will get used to this schedule. And, your body will get what it needs to sleep and rest.

Create Comfortable Place to Sleep

The last thing you can do is creating a nice atmosphere in the room where you are going to sleep. Adjusting the temperature is the easiest way here. You can keep your bedroom cool in summer, so you can sleep comfortably. In winter, you make it warm. Use comfortable bed and bedding, as well as interior design. By combining all these factors, you will be able to sleep much better than before. Finally, if you want to improve your sleep habits and establish a restful routine, sleep hypnosis is an easy, effective way to change your relationship with sleep.


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