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Best Software Solutions for Produce Distributors

Running a produce distribution business is not always easy. And when the majority of tasks are performed manually, even simple processes can consume a significant amount of time and deter staff from focusing on more critical elements.

Software Solutions for Produce Distributors

However, produce distribution companies can simplify their workflow using produce distribution software. By automating produce distribution processes, businesses can keep a tab on the complex internal and external workflows such as purchases, warehouse management, inventory, sales, and logistics.

Even with countless produce software options available for distribution businesses, the trick is getting software that will serve the business efficiently. And this can be a challenging process. You can find one of the best produce distribution software solutions here:  .

This article will take you through the best software for your produce distribution business.

1. Silo

Silo is produce business management software that streamlines and simplifies all elements of the produce supply chain, creating a sustainable and efficient system. The platform is designed to equip every player in the perishable supply chain, making it one of the best produce distribution software solutions on the market.

From purchasing produce from suppliers to the sales journey, automation ensures that produce businesses can focus on other essential aspects of their company. And with the use of adaptive software, the system is easy to use and adaptable to changing trends in the produce distribution market.

With Silo, businesses can make critical decisions based on data insights from the platform. The software connects vital elements of produce distribution, including purchases, inventory management, payments, and accounting, into one easy-to-use platform.

Silo’s pricing intelligence, natural language search bar, and keyboard shortcuts make produce distribution fast and easy. For distributors who have third-party systems, integrating with Silo is easy.

Silo is also a scalable software that allows small produce distribution businesses to grow. And with low implementation fees and ongoing updates, produce distributors can enjoy the multi-functional software without worrying about expensive update fees.

2. QuickBooks Commerce

This cloud-based distribution software serves both large and small produce distribution businesses. The platform offers produce distributors access to various workflows, including order management, sales, distribution, and CRM. Produce distributors can also use the system to track relevant business insights, which are pivotal for a company’s growth.

The system also provides applications that help distributors streamline their warehouse operations, such as receiving stock, printing barcode labels, and taking stock. And with the availability of a mobile app, produce distributors can monitor all aspects of the business from any location.

This software is a good choice for produce distributors since it enables them to track orders. This means that the efficiency in tracking expired produce is simplified. And in case of a recall, the company does not have to use immeasurable resources to track produce. The software also tracks orders through the sales process, improving the order fulfillment journey.

And with an automated accounting process via integration with order management and inventory workflows, data retrieval is simplified. The system also offers automatic and accurate multi-currency conversions. This feature is beneficial for enterprises that want to scale to other regions.


SYSPRO is a fast and accurate cloud-or premise-based ERP system for distributors and wholesalers. Its design simplifies various aspects of the distribution businesses. It can be accessed from any device, ensuring easy tracking of produce.

Its functionalities include order management, inventory control, supply chain management, business intelligence, accounting, financial management, and customer relationship management.

The system gives multi-location produce distributors, importers, and wholesalers 24/7 inventory visibility, inventory optimization, serial number batch tracking, and a seamless user experience.

The software delivers useful, advanced, and easily adoptable tools that enhance the integration with other technologies such as cloud, AI, IoT, and ML. And with the provision of parallel accounting to support the local tax, compliance, and governance, businesses easily adhere to complex accounting and finance regulations.

4. Activate

Activate is a produce distribution software that has multiple functions. The software is packed with business and inventory tools that help produce distributors to improve inefficiencies and reduce operating costs.

Some perks that produce distributors enjoy from this software include its ease of integration with other systems such as QuickBooks, produce traceability, forecasting tools, pricing flexibility, and route accounting.

5. Inecta

Inecta offers ERP software on-premise, cloud, or both – whatever works best for you. Their produce software can help farm operations account for crops throughout the entire growing season. They help field managers, produce growers, traders, packers and shippers, and distributors by offering a solution made specifically for the produce industry. They offer real-time, accurate information from sales, finance, transport, and inventory which allows for easier decision-making and planning.

3 significant things to look for when selecting produce software


Software should simplify all elements of your produce business. However, using different software for each function will complicate the business model. To mitigate this, opt for software that can be integrated with your existing platforms.


Some produce distribution software can be challenging to use. And it will be of little to no benefit to your business. Choosing complex software may force you to spend more money training the team. Be sure to consider the capabilities of your team and your produce distribution business model when choosing produce distribution software.


As your business grows, your needs for produce distribution may change. Ensure to choose software that can scale with the growth in your business. Your system of choice should handle complex tasks and extensive data.

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