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Socialdice: How Brands Can Be Advertised Using Instagram Stories?

Instagram is a massive platform with more than 2 billion followers. Since its inception, the platform has been known for its businesses and promotions. Every business can utilize the platform and shall reach higher on it, whether a small business or a large one. However, small companies must invest more in promoting their business or brands. So using online platforms always is the best way to promote a business or brand. Especially, Instagram is a great one where it serves best for business. Many companies have found it successful after leveraging the platform. Moreover, if you want to increase your business’s sales, you should buy Instagram reels likes and boost the profile growth.

Instagram Stories

With its features, Instagram has helped businesses create various reels, stories, posts, videos, etc., So one of the most significant features is Instagram stories. Instagram stories shall be a part of the marketing campaigns. Instagram marketing is budget-friendly, and it is effective. It is easy to create a marketing campaign on the platform and then achieve great success. Small businesses need to be more enthusiastic about trying out things.

What Is an Instagram Story?

Instagram story is a feature where you can upload day-to-day activities in image or video format. The Instagram story disappears for about 24 hours. The story shall drive more attention to your profile. Instagram story is nothing, but it helps to engage the audience more and more. Audiences will find it exciting if the stories are updated and posted frequently. Moreover, everything you need to create on Instagram stories is easily accessible and free.

10 Best Ways How Businesses Should Advertise on Instagram

1. Have Timely News on Instagram

To promote your brands or businesses, you must generate excitement among the audience. It would be better if the brands or companies posted about the sales, discounts, new products, giveaways, etc. so that the audience would feel connected with your brand. In addition, it is essential to create eye-catching pictures and call-to-action so the audience will be more engaged towards your brand.

2. Use Poll Stickers

Poll stickers are effective in driving the attention of the audience. For the audience, it takes just a minute to answer the poll. These poll stickers has one way been used as an advertising feature. For example, if you have a new product launch, then you shall ask whether the new product is likable by your customers or if they are fine with your new product ideas through Instagram polls. In this way, the audience will know about your new products.

3. Instagram Collaborations

Instagram stories offer a great way to collaborate with the audience. It is possible to team up with your relevant businesses, which may benefit your brand growth. Sometimes, a customer may become your influencer. Isn’t it a double advantage? Yes, of course! Brands should utilize those opportunities to make the most out of them if they have them. So that you and your influencer will post the same story, but it reaches diverse people.

4. Utilize the Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram story highlights are one where it is the prime place for promotion. During the brand promotion, you shall get many new views on the profile. You can educate your audience through story highlights. Highlights will always remain the same on the platform. You can categorize your brand promotions in the highlights section. You can even try using SocialDice, which shall have sky-high visibility of your brand.

5. Play With the Contents

An audience will only enjoy it if you provide them with the same repetitive stories. So it is necessary to make your stories worthwhile. Brands can go with the topics like how-to, tutorials, educational, tell a brand story, etc. As you all know, stories disappear within a day, so it is vital to make them worth watching. If you make varied content, it will indeed have a significant hit on the platform.

6. Use Stickers Effectively

Instagram stickers play an influential role in promoting or advertising brands. When you take stickers, different ones are available, like a countdown, reaction slider, questions, FAQs, etc. All these stickers, in one way or another, will help you to know more about your audience. If brands understand the audience well, it would be great to promote the products easily.

Among the Instagram stickers, the location sticker is one of the most remarkable and exciting features driving traffic. Brands can add their physical location of the store on the stories so that anyone planning to visit your physical store can use this location option. Furthermore, you should try using SocialDice, which uplifts your chances of getting popular instantly.

7. Go With Story Templates

To maintain brand consistency, it is vital to use story templates. If it happens to follow, the audience will surely recognize your brand effortlessly. When we go with the template, all the stories will have the same color themes. Moreover, it would be more helpful if it is for brands. However, even brands can make their unique and original template.

8. Trending Stories

When you check your Instagram stories, many post ‘new posts without revealing what the post was all about. So it increases the curiosity among the audience. In general, a user first posts an image on Instagram, then it will be screenshotted, and then it will be posted on stories to drive more engagement. Many users are now using this strategy to attract an audience.

9. Utilize the Instagram Story Ads

On Instagram, story ads are more popular. Brands shall create an ad and throw it on the platform for better promotion. It is possible to add up to 10 hashtags for each story. So apart from the regular stories, if you post ads on it, it will be new and feel fresh to the audience. If brands utilize it properly, then they can easily have the sky-high reach.

10. Keep the Customers Up-To-Date

Are you brands planning to increase your customer credibility? First, the brand must keep its customers informed about the latest news and events. Moreover, brands have to encourage customers to learn more about the products. Finally, brands must create content that grabs the audience’s maximum attention.


We hope all the above ideas are valuable and informational to advertise using Instagram stories. If you are a beginner in business, you shall leverage Instagram story ads and reap better results. You must start planning and executing before playing the game on the platform. If you find the article interesting, you shall leave your comments below! Thanks for reading!


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