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Shrooms Online: Revolutionizing Athletics Performance with Microdose

Athletes actively seek ways to gain a competitive advantage by maximizing their physical and mental capabilities. A promising approach gaining attention is the use of psilocybin microdose. This groundbreaking substance shows remarkable potential in significantly enhancing the cognitive function of athletes.

The intriguing potential of psilocybin mushrooms captivated athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts, igniting their curiosity about their advantages. Many individuals are now turning to shrooms online, making them more accessible than ever before. This shift in accessibility is revolutionizing the industry and enabling athletes to conveniently enhance their performance.

This article will delve into the transformative impact of microdosing on athletes, showcasing how it is revolutionizing their approach to enhancing their capabilities.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing refers to the practice of consuming sub-perceptual doses of psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms. Unlike a full psychedelic experience, microdosing involves taking a very small amount of psilocybin, typically one-tenth to one-twentieth of a regular recreational dose.

Microdosing aims not to trigger psychedelic experiences or altered states of consciousness. Instead, it focuses on experiencing subtle effects that may enhance cognitive function, mood, and overall well-being. The exact dosage may vary depending on individual tolerance, body weight, and desired outcomes.

What is Microdosing

Users conduct microdosing over an extended period, following a specific regimen. Individuals microdose on a schedule that involves taking a dose every few days or on specific days of the week. The idea behind this approach is to maintain a consistent level of psilocybin in the system.

Why Athletes Microdose?

Athletes consider microdosing for four primary reasons, the most prevalent being the desire to improve reaction times and enhance focus. Additional advantages include the potential to regulate pain perception and mitigate various forms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

The use of psychedelics, particularly psilocybin, for enhancing athletic performance is a relatively unexplored area of study. Personal accounts and anecdotes form the primary basis for supporting claims regarding microdosing for athletes.

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can significantly impede an athlete’s progress. They can disrupt sleep, hinder recovery, and trigger the release of cortisol, leading to fat retention and hinder muscle-building activities.

Athletes also experience stress-related disorders such as depression, substance abuse, anxiety, burnout, and interpersonal relationship issues. They encounter daily stressors, including performance pressure, personal challenges, etc.

Although there is a scarcity of clinical trials examining the impact of microdosing, a wealth of anecdotes indicates their potential as a tool for enhancing stress.

In anxiety, extensive research conducted by institutions like Johns Hopkins and UC Berkeley focused on using high doses. These studies revealed that psychedelics alter our perspectives on life, death, success, failure, and the essence of being alive. Many qualities associated with high doses also extend to microdoses.

Some experts suggest that these benefits could assist athletes in managing the anxiety that stems from the intense competitiveness and physical demands of professional sports.

Enhance Focus

Anecdotal reports from athletes highlight notable enhancements in their athletic endeavours. Boxers have reported improved anticipation of opponents’ movements, surfers have claimed an enhanced ability to read waves, and climbers have described heightened composure during challenging climbs. Similarly, in the gaming community, individuals who microdose subjectively report faster reaction times.

According to Terence McKenna’s Stoned Ape theory, low doses of psilocybin can enhance visual acuity, particularly edge detection. This would have benefited early primate hunters, leading to improved hunting skills, a more reliable food supply, and increased reproductive success.

Psilocybin also carries the potential to facilitate flow states characterized by complete immersion and effortless performance. In a flow state, athletes carry out actions without conscious thought, resulting in fewer mistakes, heightened awareness, and more fluid movements.

Many athletes consider the ability to enter these flow states important for performing at the highest possible level. During high-stakes physical performance, even slight improvements in reaction time can have a substantial impact on determining victory or defeat.

Reduce Pain Sensation

Some athletes who engage in microdosing reported diminished pain sensations. This effect proves advantageous when their bodies are not operating at peak performance. While research is in its early stages, a few clinical studies have already shed light on the potential analgesic properties of psychedelics like psilocybin, LSD, and DMT.

Athletes cleared to perform without restrictions and experience chronic pain are the best candidates for this approach. While psilocybin influences the neurochemical pathways associated with persistent pain, it may provide limited support in direct recovery and tissue regeneration.

Enhance Motivation

Psilocybin can stimulate neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin in the brain. These neurotransmitters play roles in regulating mood, motivation, and cognitive function. When athletes microdose, they may experience an increase in motivation and self-assurance, which have positive effects on their performance.

Microdosing for Sports Performance

There is a growing trend among elite athletes who openly incorporate psilocybin into their training and performance routines. While some athletes prefer high doses of psilocybin to gain perspective and personal growth, others opt for microdoses to enhance their athletic performance.

Although regulatory bodies do not acknowledge psilocybin as a performance-enhancing substance or prohibit its use, athletes persist in exploring their benefits. Reports from microdosing athletes indicate an improved ability to enter a flow state and focus on their physical abilities. Microdosing expert Jim Fadiman supports these claims, having collected numerous accounts from athletes who report enhanced proficiency in various physical activities.

Why Flow State Matters to Athletes?

The concept of the flow state, coined by psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, refers to complete immersion and focus on a task. This state of energized concentration matters in movement practices and athletics as it allows individuals to enter the zone, quiet their minds, and follow their body’s instincts. Psilocybin can induce flow states by improving focus and reducing distractions.

A recent research article from the Australian Journal of Psychology on microdosing revealed that individuals who combined microdoses of psychedelics with regular yoga practice reported higher levels of absorption than control groups. Absorption refers to the capacity to enter altered states of consciousness and experience heightened awareness, focus, and concentration. Those who integrated yoga and microdosing were more likely to experience being “in the zone.”

How to Microdose for Athletes

Microdosing for athletes follows a similar approach to how regular individuals or users take their microdose capsules. There is no fixed method that you must adhere to; instead, the schedule you establish will depend on your personal preference.

The Fadiman Protocol

The Fadiman Protocol, or the Beginners Protocol, is a microdosing regimen developed by Dr. James Fadiman. This protocol aims to explore the effects of microdosing by clearly distinguishing between microdosing days and non-microdosing days.

For those new to microdosing, Dr. James Fadiman’s protocol provides an excellent framework for experimentation. The Fadiman Protocol involves following a 3-day cycle for four to eight weeks.

  • Day 1: Microdosing day
  • Day 2: Transition day
  • Day 3: Normal day
  • Day 4: Microdosing day (2nd microdosing day)

Repeat this cycle for four to eight weeks. Take a rest period of two to four weeks before starting a new cycle.


The Two-days-a-week Protocol involves selecting two fixed days in a week for microdosing, ensuring that there is at least one day between each microdosing day. This allows individuals to have a consistent schedule that aligns with their work or social routine. The cycle is followed for four to eight weeks, followed by a rest period of two to four weeks.

Stamets’ Stack

The Stamets Protocol, developed by renowned mycologist Paul Stamets, involves a unique microdosing formula that combines psilocybin, niacin (vitamin B3), and Lion’s Mane mushroom. This combination has positive and long-lasting effects on the brain.

During the protocol, the stacking days span from Day 1 to Day 4. The following days, Day 5 to Day 7, serve as transition days. This cycle repeats with stacking days from Day 8 to Day 11 and transition days from Day 12 to Day 14. The entire cycle continues for a duration of four weeks. After completing the four-week cycle, take a rest period of two to four weeks before starting a new cycle.

If you don’t have access to niacin or Lion’s Mane, there are alternative psilocybin products available that include functional mushrooms for stacking. These products can provide the same microdosing magic mushroom experience.

Intuitive Microdosing

Intuitive microdosing offers a flexible approach where individuals rely on their intuition to determine their microdosing schedule. The key rule is always to have at least one day between each microdose. After following a specific microdosing protocol for one or two cycles, some individuals choose to transition to this more intuitive method.

The Micro Workout

Microdosing workouts involve practical approaches like incorporating physical activities into daily routines or performing short sets of exercises. Research supports the effectiveness of micro workouts, similar to psychedelic microdosing.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) in short bursts can be as effective as longer workouts. Various sports, such as running, cycling, boxing, and MMA, can apply the following template:

  • Marcodose
  • Warm up for 5 minutes.
  • Increase intensity for 5 minutes.
  • Rest for three minutes.
  • Increase intensity for another 5 minutes.
  • Rest for three minutes.
  • Increase intensity once more.
  • Cool down for 5 minutes.

This microdose approach improves cardiovascular capacity (VO2 max) and overall health markers, helping athletes fuel longer workouts and optimize their training.

Magic Mushrooms Online: A Safe Place to Acquire Psilocybin Products

To enhance focus and achieve a flow state, athletes require access to safe and reliable psilocybin products. Shroom dispensaries offer a convenient and trustworthy option to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada, ensuring high-quality products.

This convenient way to buy shrooms online offers a wide range of products, including dried shrooms, shroom edibles and drinks, and capsules. This wide range of options allows you to choose the specific product you desire for microdosing or embarking on a psychedelic journey.

These high-quality magic mushrooms and other products undergo rigorous lab testing, ensuring their safety and quality. By consuming these products, you can confidently enhance your athletic performance.


Microdosing with psilocybin promise to enhance focus, promote the flow state, and boost motivation and confidence among athletes. Athletes now have the opportunity to access safe and high-quality products that can optimize their training regimens.

The convenience of online dispensaries offers a diverse range of products that allow athletes to select the ideal option for their needs and safely explore the benefits of psilocybin.

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