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Shipwire’s Great – Here’s How to Supercharge It

Growing online retail businesses often have to rely on a fulfillment house in order to meet the demands of their expanding customer base. Getting national shipments fulfilled while managing an always-changing inventory is no small task. But services like Shipwire help out. They offer convenient fulfillment houses with omni channel support. This type of service enables medium businesses with a real roadmap towards growth, with national scalability in mind.

Shipwire CRM software

Imagine all of the data that’s coming into these accounts from all of one’s selling channels online. Now imagine if there were a capable Shipwire CRM software application that could empower you to harvest this data and use it to better learn your customers, predict seasonality and even forecast sales. How could this data help you build your ecommerce empire? Here’s a quick look.

Getting to Know Your Customers

Putting a customer’s name, profile and contact information to an order is complicated. But newer CRM systems do just that, and from all your sales channels, too. Being able to know what customer ordered which item, when and from where, as well as what the shipping status or return info looks like will do wonders for improving customer service and support.

Adding a Daily Calendar

What about your busy day? Most CRM apps have a color-coded calendar feature. Leading providers even allow you to tag customer profiles in certain events. This helps your team stay ahead of the curve and provide more diligent service to customers. Helpful reminders, events and to-dos keep you on top of your schedule.

Knowing Your Numbers

Most shopping carts that are used to process orders are proprietary. This means that they won’t provide data from your other selling channels. But what do you do when you have multiple selling channels and need to see all of your data? That’s another place where Shipwire CRM can help. With the right integrations in place, you’ll be able to get a clear look at all of the numbers, and from every sales channel you’re managing.

Improving Customer Service

Improving your customer service will inherently lend to more sales, improved retention and stronger customer loyalty. According to CIO, CRM can help you boost this service level because it enables you to better manage tasks, improve data collection and accessibility, and make your back office team more efficient as well as accountable. These are all desirable facets for any growing online business.

It’s exciting to be at the helm of any growing online business, where it often feels like the sky is the limit. Along the way, you will want to make sure you are approaching the management of such an enterprise in the most productive manner. This means considering the integration of technology tools that can help spur growth while decreasing workload. There’s an old adage that rings entirely true in this regard: “Work smarter; not harder.”

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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