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Sharing Economy-Now In The Form Of Huge Localities

Sharing Economy

The world is facing huge challenges from the sharing economy in the manner they are spreading slowly all around the world. Rarely, the people are interested to go with the conventional pattern of the economy, the new trend has influenced so much, that they are not ready to give up at any cost. The world has been facing huge changes in the form of ups and downs in the entire economy pattern due to the sharing economy. But, the areas that use sharing economy is again appreciated by the citizens using the facilities.


Sharing Economy

The peer to peer platform has been greatly increased with the introduction of the sharing economies. The places where the sharing economies have spread include the following:

  1. Transportation- these include bicycles like Bixi, Valenbisi, and Bike Share Toronto. The rides are also made with Uber, Carma, GoTogether. The car drives are made by Zipcar, DriveNow, LocalMOtion.
  2. Space and accommodations- these include a variety of examples. There are sharing backyards under garden services, Vancouver Cohousing under the sector of Housing. The short-term accommodations include sectors like Couchsurfing, VRBO, Xiaozhu.
  3. Business travel-this includes the Airnb business travel.
  4. Social media-There are also platforms that deal with the social media. The videos include the platform the Netflix.
  5. Utilities-The utilities are in the form of the solar energy. Electricity uses tee platform of Vanderbron.

There are some other platforms as well that make the use of thelifestyle in sharing economy.  


Sharing Economy

There are many benefits of sharing economy which include the following:

  1. The decreased number of goods and the resources that are needed in the sharing economy is a benefit.
  2. The communities have been strengthened.
  3. The borrowed and the recycled items that are used in sharing economy are needed to meet up the lowering consumer costs.
  4. It is beneficial to build an inspiration in people’s minds to access the online services at very affordable rates.
  5. The monetary barriers have been completely removed by the introduction of the sharing economy.
  6. It has also emphasized on the sustainable consumption.
  7. The quality of the services has also been increased by the use of the ratings people provide to theonline services.
  8. The working hours that are involved in sharing economy is too compatible with


There is uniqueness in every event that is held for the survey of the sharing economy.

City streaming projects-

  • Vancouver

Vancouver is a perfect place where the sharing economy movement was too highlighted. The conversations that were held at Vancouver discovered a positive impact of the sharing economy. The reason for the growth of the sharing economy in Vancouver has been due to the trust, a strengthened relationship and also eases to access of the resources. The collaborative consumption that is built here is too easy to be processed and also has been thought to boost the future economic standards of the city. Moreover, this is too profitable because here the sharing can be preferred because the views of the people are already known.

In the Vancouver meeting, it was also clearly assessed as to how these activities canis a perfect one for the sustainable development with the use of minimum resources.

Significance- This project had become a significant one because this has been the first researchin CA. the aim was to analyze the actual goals of sharing economy concepts,measuring the share assets at the city. Finally, it was concluded that in the city of Vancouver, a type of the earliest barter system was followed. This was done in a light fashion involving the exchangeof extremely smaller goods.

Cohousing-This is a strategy that involves a smaller group of people involving not more than about 35 houses. The amenity Vancouver housing is a smaller region that has a wide land involving offices, multipurpose rooms, laundries, workshop, music room and almost the set up of a whole society.

This type of a project was made with the intention of organizing a land perfectly well and then selling at a high profit. But the intention was not up to the expectations.

So the people of the city is hoping for something better in terms of providing the services like child care, shared meals services and many others.

  • Toronto

This type of project is not only familiar in Vancouver, rather is also prevailing in Toronto. The fashion of a collaborative society is little different. Here rather, different levels of the Government have been marked in reference to the sharing economy.

Some of such examples include the prominent ones like the International; Security Justice takes theidea of Crowdsourcing visa and the Information relating to immigration.

This economy deals with the setting up of connections to employ more people and is a greater scope to those who are unemployed. There is also a scope for creating the economic benefits. The incentive that is given to the work is that the employment will be about less than 40 hours a week to increase the sharing of Jobs.

The Government was assigned to carry out theoperations like the provision for education, allocation of resources and also an arrangement for the freelancers.

Demands from Government- in Toronto the topic that was raised with reference to the government was that Government has to provide a large support in terms of the Education, maintain the role of the mediator between supporter and the innovations. The Government has also been assigned a responsibility to provide such means that will improve the standards of the sharing economy but curbing down the ill impacts.

  • Ottawa-

The discussion that was held at Ottawa focussed on the idea of placing a belief in the Government in Terms that the Government needs to take care of the aspects of the sharing economy. It must support newer individuals who would like to try for an opportunity in the Sharing economy. Moreover, newer transitions were demanded from the Government in terms of new businesses and also introducing the internal services.

So, two examples were more than enough to give us a sense that how people are crazy about this economic pattern that they are trying to transform locations into forms that can be fully based on sharing economy. In some regions, they have proved to be the most profitable means to earn a livelihood. So, in the coming future, we can expect only for facing more improvements in this economy.

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