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Tips to Extend Your Drone Battery Life

Frustrated with a drone battery than drains quickly than you can complete your tasks? Don’t worry, you’ll get sorted.

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Most drones come with flight times of between 3 to 20 minutes and others can fly even more minutes but it will depend on the drone model. According to the Syma X11 review, most high-grade drones have more flight times than the low-priced ones, however, with some helpful tips; you can extend the battery life so that it offers you more flight time.

The current beginner drones come with a flight time of up to 7 minutes. Many a time, other factors like wind, weight, and recording can have an impact on the flight times.

Here are the important tips to extend your drone battery life.

  1. Charge the battery only when it’s time to

It’s not recommended to charge your battery anyhow. It is good to know exactly how and when to do it. Charging the battery even when it’s not the time to, can inadvertently shorten the battery life.

The best and recommended time to charge your battery is some few minutes before you start using it. The timing of the charging of your battery is crucial when you want to increase its life. Avoid charging your battery several days before you plan to use it. Also, when you are not planning to use your drone anytime soon, avoid charging it fully. You can charge it up to 50% and ensure to place it in a safe place. Another thing you can do is to buy some spare batteries as this will help you continue with your task even after the first one dies.

  1. If possible get rid of the camera

The good thing about the latest drones is the ability to fix a camera to its body but if you are not using the camera for aerial photography, it’s good to remove it if you to increase your battery life. Sometimes these batteries may look light so you may think there is no need to remove it, but it can affect the battery life. Note that the battery is not only used by the drone alone but also the camera uses it so when the camera is attached, it still uses the battery.

  1. Choose a higher battery capacity

Most popular drones come with average batteries that lack the abilities to offer the longest flight time required.  To enjoy longer flight times, it’s good to upgrade to a high battery capacity. The battery’s mAh matters a lot. Ensure to check the specifications of the machine to see whether the drone has a battery with maximum mAh.

  1. Avoid overcharging your battery

This does not only apply to drones but most of the electronic devices will most like explode when the battery is left charging for too long. Overcharging your drone battery will also affect its life.

  1. Observe conditions

Here, it is recommended to fly in the right conditions. If you plan to fly your drone outside, you need to avoid flying when it’s windy or rainy. Heavy winds affect the turning of a drone and this can make it be unstable and hence consuming more power from the battery than the required battery consumption.

A quick overview to extend the battery life of your drone

  1. Charge the battery only when it’s time to.
  2. If possible get rid of the camera.
  3. Choose a higher battery capacity.
  4. Observe conditions.
  5. Avoid overcharging your battery.
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