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Secure Email Of 2020: What Service To Choose?

Despite the fact, users don’t communicate via emails as often as via messengers, these services are an essential part of web life. Whenever we need to send files or pass registration, we are to apply an email address. Surely, most of the popular and free accounts are suitable for average users. But those people who struggle for privacy are better to check out a secure email. These mailboxes are confidential and encrypted so that you can bypass data leakage and security breaches.

What service to choose among so many alternatives? What are the differences between various platforms? Explore proven solutions below!

TOP-3: Modern and secure email

#1 – Utopia

Secure Email Of 2020 What Service To Choose

Utopia is a full-fledged P2P ecosystem listing mailing tool, messenger, browser, crypto wallet, and automatic mining instrument. The ecosystem. as well as the mailbox, is organized via the cutting-edge encryption algorithm. All the in-house operations are defended with the speedy Elliptic curve and 256-bit AES processor. uMail is a mailbox that never handles the digital footprints, sensitive media, billing data, no auto-fill function, intrusive trackers, and ads.

The mailbox is functional, and the interface is clear and logical. You can layout Templates for the emails you write regularly and save the pattern in drafts. This feature makes the communications via email time-saving.

Enable the opt-in Hybrid mode to manage the other extensions along with email on the same dashboard. Look through the tools you can use additionally:

  • instant encrypted messenger;
  • domestic web searching tool;
  • crypto wallet;
  • mining bot.

Note that, in a matter of privacy, you can only exchange letters with the Utopia users, only across in-house registered addresses.

Bonus: when enabling the Mining tool while running the service, you obtain local crypto coins effortlessly!

#2 – CounterMail

Secure Email Of 2020 What Service To Choose


If you’re severely obsessed with the security of your mailbox, CounterMail suggests a reliable managing of OpenPGP encrypted email in a web searcher. The local data warehouse only keeps encrypted letters.

Furthermore, the Sweden-located servers never collect data on hard drives. The internal information is collected on CDs. The arrangement of this mailbox assists in stopping security breaches and information loss as soon as fraudsters are trying to reach servers, the elimination of one enhanced safety.

CounterMail additionally suggests that users set aside a USB storage to encrypt the input next. The code of decryption is kept on the device and is necessary even to sing in a user’s account. Even though your password leaks, no black hat could reach your emails.

This email is handy and easy to use. You can embed it into a browser or use the mobile app for Apple. The letter search is comfortable owing to opt-in filters. Also, CounterMail is powered with an integral password manager and never saves a user’s IPs.

Pay attention that this service is charge-free only during the trial; as one week passes, you are to pay for the subscription. You can only exchange emails with registered users.

#3 – Hushmail

Secure Email Of 2020 What Service To Choose


Hushmail is a tested and prover encrypted mailbox introduced for the public around 2000. The security is maintained owing to exceptional encryption algorithms. The issue is that even developers can’t access your media end letters. You can communicate inside the platform as well as with users registered via sided accounts. Hushmail is fully compatible with other mail clients. Try the desktop version to manage encrypted mailing effortlessly or set aside a mobile application on your phone. The service is available regardless of your operating system.

Also, the service suggests various domain combinations to users – pick the one you like! What is handy, you can adjust notifications on a sided mailbox to keep informed whenever you receive emails on Hush. Hush mail is implementing the email signature technology. Also, you can register several accounts via a specific domain to hide your ID on the web.

This mailbox is a valuable and safe solution for business and personal use. Although, you should keep in mind that only a 2-weeks trial is free of charge.

The final thought

If you aim to bypass global surveillance, and protect your web activities, take advantage of the mailboxes provided above! End-to-end encryption and sophisticated security are the right ways to level up privacy across the web. Remember to combine the reliable mailbox with a secure password, a VPN service, and never auto-save your log in details in-app or in a browser. Stay protected!

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