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How to install gDMSS Plus for Windows on your PC Step by Step Guide

Hello, if you are looking at this article you’re probably wondering on how to install the gDMSS Plus Android Remote Surveillance software on your phone, by following this step by step guide you will find that it is quite easy!

STEP 1: Download the NOX Emulator

The first thing you will want to do is head into the search bar on your web browser and type in the web address, this will take you to the emulation software website which is required to download gDMSS Plus onto Windows/Mac.

Once you’re on you will see the heading “The simpler the better”, underneath this heading is a blue download button. Click on it and wait for your download to finish (speeds vary, file size is 376 MB with the current version)

STEP 2: Install the NOX Emulator

Once the NOX Emulator has downloaded you will need to go into file explorer and find the downloaded file. The file is called ‘nox_setup_insertversioname.exe’ (version name obviously varying depending on when you downloaded it) once you have clicked on it the NOX Emulator setup will start up.

Once the setup has started up you will be welcomed with a simple screen that has an install button, before you do that however read the terms and conditions, once you’ve done that you can tick the “I have read the EULA” box and then click the blue ‘Install’ button which will then set up the Nox emulator without any further input from yourself. (Speeds vary once again, depending on how quick your laptop or PC is)

STEP 3: Download and Install gDMSS Plus 

Once you’ve set up the NOX Emulator you will be greeted with an android desktop, similar to the ones you will get on Android phones. If you are familiar with the Android operating system you may know what to do from this point onwards, however, if you’re unfamiliar with the Operating System then continue reading.

On the Android desktop you will find the icon for the ‘Google Play Store’, this is the hub for all apps on Android and is where you will find the majority of safe apps. Click on the icon and it will take you into the Google Play Store, once in it on the centre top of the screen will be a search bar. In that search bar type in ‘gDMSS Plus’, it will be the first result to come up as it is a safe and widely-used application. Now all you have to do is click the download button towards the right and you will have gDMSS Plus downloading to your Windows/Mac device. Once it is downloaded you will find the gDMSS Plus icon in which you can then click on it and get started using the application.


If you have reached this point you can now use the gDMSS Plus application for Windows and Mac, we hope you enjoy the app and we hope this tutorial proved useful.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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