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React Dashboard Open-Source and Free Dashboard Templates

What is a React Dashboard? Which one is an excellent template to choose from the massive collection of React templates? These types of questions arise while searching and starting a new project.

The ReactJs dashboard admin template is created by ‘Jordan Walke’. This technology is an open-source library created using javascript for building user interfaces for web applications. Instagram and Facebook newsfeed use this technology.


This Template is used for creating a broad web application. Due to this Template, the data changed all by itself.

This Template is suitable for all those users who need to create web applications using lightweight javascript libraries and enjoy faster web apps.

Why do users prefer to choose ReactJS?

  • If you know about the basic knowledge of javascript in advance, then the first step you need to take is to use this template, which is best for you, and everything will be smooth and easy for you.
  • If your web application or any project needs a modular front-end structure, then it is one of the best options you need to consider.
  • All those projects that need a single page, then using these highly customizable templates, are suitable for your project.
  • Suppose you need to customize elements more than once and need to iterate that element again with speed. Then you need this type of Template for your app. The best thing about this Template is that you need to define the logic behind the elements once and react do all others by itself and use that logic to display the results.
  • Using this Template makes your web application more user friendly and SEO friendly.

The reason behind the popularity of React Dashboard templates:

This React technology allows the developers to easily customize anything that’s visible on the browser screen, whenever they want.

Instead of describing transactions on the interface, react allows the developers to define interfaces in the final state. When some transactions are made to the described state, React automatically updates the interface.

For working with React, you need the knowledge of Javascript, how it works, and basic API functions before creating any project using react templates. Who knows, javascript will become a react developer very easily.

Disadvantages of React:

The iteration of updates and up-gradation of technologies led to problems with the documentation process due to limited time to write instructions properly. This is the most negative point of React.

All those developers who need to solve the problem of new tool releases fastly, need to write their documentation for the tool.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of React technology, there is a list of free admin dashboard templates given below, also open source.

If you plan to create a web app or any project’s admin panel dashboard using react, then these open-source dashboard admin panel templates are for you to pick from. This Guide may help you pick the best suitable admin panel template for your app or project’s requirements.

These react dashboard admin panels are best for commercial and personal project creation.

MaterialPro React Dashboard by WrapPixel

MaterialPro React Template is created by WraPixel, it comes with some ready to use dashboard designs and page templates. You can create a high quality dashboard panel for your project using MaterialPro React Admin. There is also a free version available on WrapPixel’s website for MaterialPro. You can download and use in any project you want.

React Dashboard Tabler

The react dashboard tabler is another very elegant template. This Template has a very adorable, smooth, and clean user interface, and this UI kit is coded in javascript.

React Dashboard Vibe

The react dashboard vibe is a very elegant and beautiful template. This Template has a very adorable, smooth, and clean user interface. This Template is created using bootstrap four and released under MIT license.

React Material Admin

This Template is coded only using react and material user-interface frameworks and no other coding like bootstrap or jquery. The package includes some sample pages, for example, the main home page of the dashboard panel, login page, registration page, typography, charts, google maps, and a limited set of user-interface elements.

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