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Overcoming Instagram feature setbacks using these amazing hacks

Overcoming Instagram feature setbacks using these amazing hacks

Living in the 21st century, the age of technology and are trapped by social media platforms from all over. No one can deny the influence that social media has on us, whether it is a teenager or a middle-aged person, everyone is simply addicted to it. The most grasping among all platforms is Instagram, with its rapidly grown popularity over the last decade around one billion people currently use this on a daily basis for various purposes. 

A recent study shows that an average person spends more than 3 hours daily on Instagram doing various things like sharing photos or videos, following the lives of their favorite celebrity or even it has become a great source of income for many budding influencers

There is no doubt about the fact the social media platform is a great way to interact with people and even promote our talents and skills. We can reach more than 80 million people by just sitting at home. 

What is InstraFitter: No Crop for Instagram, Photo Square 

Although it is an extremely well-developed application with tons of features that makes our social life easier and more colorful, there are some things that the Instagram algorithm lacks, but we do not need to worry at all, there are various applications and websites that make this task easier for us and you can download Instrafitter from Play Store.


One such very important feature is fitting the photo before posting. How often does it happen with us that we get an amazing photo clicked, but it has to cropped before posting to fit it into the Instagram grid. It gets quite frustrating sometimes as due to cropping, the main essence of the photo is disturbed. Hence to avoid this, we have an amazing application called InstraFitter.

How to use InstraFitter: No Crop for Instagram, Photo Square 

There absolutely no trouble in using this application. All you have to do is download this app from play store and is available for both android and IOS devices and also note that it is absolutely free of cost. It will be downloaded within few seconds, and once that is done, all you have to do is select the photo to be uploaded, and it will fit it into an Instagram grid, and that can be easily saved to a gallery or directly exported to Instagram for uploading. : What is Instagram video downloader?

 We surf all day and find tons of videos that we want to save, and although there is an option to save videos on Instagram, it is not possible if we want to keep them in our gallery or share it with people via apps other than Instagram. Hence we provide you with a revolutionary website known an Instagram video downloader 

How to use Instagram video downloader?

It is extremely easy to download videos using Instagram video downloader. It is a specialized website which provides you the luxury to download whichever video you want and whenever you want. All you have to do is follow these simple steps :

Step 1: You have to copy the link of the video you wish to download

Step 2: Open this link ( of the website mentioned here (

Step 3: Paste the URL video link that copied from Instagram

Step 4: Press / Tap on the download button option available on the website

Your favorite video will be downloaded in a short span of time

Benefits of using

●   You read the super easy steps mentioned above and using them, you can download any video any less than a few seconds 

●   Apart from that, the other best part about this website is that it does not even consume much of your internet.

●   Another great advantage is that it works on all android and ios devices and it extremely free of cost


We cannot deny that Instagram has become an integral and unavoidable part of our lives and in such a case apps like InstraFitter and websites like Instagram video downloader truly turn out as a blessing for all of us. You can experience great benefits from applications and websites like these which not only help in using social media platforms more efficiently but also improves our personal experience and makes us reach thousands of people in a better and more interactive way. 

Brian Flores
Brian Flores
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