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How to buy the best second-hand car in Australia

Buying a second-hand car is an excellent idea. In australia, there are many safeguards to help you get a good deal without having to lose all your precious savings. Get an expert to provide a ppsr (personal properties security register) comprehensive report on the particular car you want, and you will know whether it is value for money. The personal properties security register is a digital database that contains all information about properties owned in Australia.

How do you validate a car before buying?

Knowing a little about what ppsr involves will help you to make a sensible decision while buying a used car. When you hire a professional agency to generate the report on a particular vehicle, you will get the following information:

  • The manufacturing date and age of the car,
  • History of the servicing and repairs undertaken,
  • Details of any customized fittings,
  • A stolen-car status report,
  • Odometer readings,
  • Write-offs,
  • Accident status report (if any),
  • revs check

Why do you need a ppsr report?

Like most Australians, if you do not understand the significance of the ppsr searching and reporting, it is better to understand its purpose before spending your precious money on a second-hand car. Let’s say you have a seen an awesome car online that’s for sale and it is within your budget. How do you know that it is not a stolen car? If you buy the car in innocence, the car will be reclaimed and you will lose both your money and the car.

Secondly, you do not know whether the car has met with accidents many times and how much damage it has suffered. It may have been repaired superficially and the damage doesn’t show outwardly. But the search report will show all the details so you are well-informed about the status of the car.

Benefits of the revs check

Another important reason for getting ppsr check carried out before purchasing a used car is that you will also get the revs check report. The term “Revs” stands for Registration of Encumbered Vehicles. An encumbered vehicle is one which has an unpaid loan against it. If you buy a car that is encumbered without getting the check done, you will:

  • Have to pay more than the market value of the vehicle,
  • After buying it, you will have to pay off the outstanding loan.


Revs check will save you a lot of money and distress if you are burdened with either an encumbered car or a stolen one.

To conclude, if you hire the professional services of an agency to carry out a detailed ppsr search in Australia, the process will also include a revs check and history report. Although the fee is small, the benefits will be large because it will safeguard you from fraudulent online sellers and car dealers. This is especially important so that you are not tricked into buying a stolen vehicle.


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