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Oral Hygiene Gadgets You Absolutely Want To Try At Home

The annual dental exam is a mandatory visit that you should never miss if you are interested in having really good oral hygiene. Even so, the truth is that most of what you have to do in order to have healthy teeth and gums is to be done at home, not at facilities like Broomfield Cosmetic Dentistry at Colorado Healthy Smiles. The consumer market is flooded with numerous gadgets that are making dental care easier, faster and much more effective than anticipated.

Oral Hygiene Gadgets You Absolutely Want To Try At Home

Obviously, most of the oral hygiene gadgets are going to over promise and then under deliver. Even so, there are many that are remarkably useful. They are tools that will drastically improve your oral health. Let’s take a look at some dental care products that are really promising and that you should consider.

Showerpik Water Flosser

This water flosser is manufactured by Waterpik. You mount the gadget to a showerhead and you get access to a really simple and quick solution for all the morning flossing needs you have. You use the Showerpik in order to utilize a high-pressure water jet. It pulsates and cleans really hard to reach regions between your teeth. The water flosser is attached right to the showerhead so it is practically impossible to forget flossing in the future.

IOS Toothbrush Timer App

Nowadays, it seems as if there is an app built for anything you want to do with a smartphone. This is why you should not be surprised to see some that are useful for dental care. The IOS Toothbrush Timer App is exactly what you might expect. It will take you through all the twelve tooth brushing phases so you are sure to brush for as long as your teeth need it. The app includes a special toothbrush tracker that can even let you know when it is time to buy a brand new one.

Dentek Filling Repair Kit

There are not many things that are worse than being away from a dentist while a filling loose is in place and you end up knocking it. Dentek managed to solve this problem with a painless and safe fix. It is temporary but it makes it easy to keep your fillings in the proper place until the dentist can be reached. Such kits are available right now and can be utilized even to fill some exposed gaps that appear in your broken teeth. However, remember that this is just a temporary fix. The dental professional’s services are always needed.

Violife Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer

This sanitizer is quite a versatile gadget that you can use while on the road or at home. You surely do not want to have a dirty toothbrush and the sanitizer is just as large as a regular toothbrush case. It includes germicidal UV light, which was reported as killing around 99% of all the bacteria that is present on your toothbrush. Use this gadget whenever you travel and at home from time to time so your toothbrush can be in top working condition, without any bacteria present.

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