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3 Super Effective Ways To Raise Money For Your School’s Music Program

Parents around the country are lamenting the fact that schools are lacking budgetary funding for such important programs as music education. While they understand that funding is limited and that academics need to take priority over the arts and physical education, there is something vitally lacking in an education where these important programs are neglected.

3 Super Effective Ways To Raise Money For Your School’s Music Program

Many parents have formed committees to raise money to buy musical instruments and other necessary items which aren’t in the budget and some schools have grown their programs significantly due to parental involvement. Are you looking to raise money for your school’s music program? Here are some super effective ways to raise money that you may wish to try, according to Rees Law Firm.

1. Sponsor a Dinner Theater

Admittedly, this particular idea works better with high school students, but it can be used effectively with just about any grade level performers. Work in conjunction with the drama department, if there is one, and put together a show that will take place while parents and guests are dining on foods prepared by volunteer parents and teachers. Perhaps a Renaissance Theater with wandering minstrels singing table to table would be unique, or a live performance of any of Broadway’s memorable musicals. Remember to keep tickets priced low enough to be affordable but high enough to make a decent profit.

2. Sell Chorus and Band CDs

What parent doesn’t love to hear their child perform? Whether your child is a member of the chorus or a soloist, that CD is something you will always cherish. Some schools have found that live performances of holiday musicals make great recordings and there are even local recording studios that will offer their services for that one night, free of charge, as a ‘donation’ to your school’s music program. It goes a long way in their own marketing strategy as well! Don’t forget sites where you can order hundreds of copies of the CD, complete with labels, to sell as your annual fundraiser. Time it near the holidays and you’d be surprised at just how many parents will buy to send to grandparents and relatives in their Christmas packages!

3. Hold a Holiday Raffle

Speaking of the holidays, once the kids get settled into class in the fall, why not make the round of local merchants to see if any would donate merchandise to be raffled. Many schools have found that the local electronics shops are willing to donate high-value items which are perhaps being phased out or they want to clear off shelves to make room for holiday merchandise soon to arrive. Whether donating goods or selling them at very cheap prices, you really can find merchants willing to help with your holiday raffle.

Sometimes all it takes is a little incentive and the involvement of parents to get your school’s music program back on track. The county may not be adequately funding schools in your district, but there’s nothing to say that you can’t raise some of those necessary funds yourself.

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