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Is Offering An App Vital To Your Business’s Success?

Between the Google Play app store and the Apple app store, there are currently five million apps available to users and this is a number that continues to grow daily. Whether you’ve given any thought to creating an app for your customers or not, that is a rather impressive number. It also paints a picture of just how in-demand apps are in general. No longer are apps reserved just for gamers or business giants looking to spread their brand even further, as small businesses are now developing apps as well.

Is Offering An App Vital To Your Business's Success

So, is an app something you should be thinking about? Is it something your customers/clients would benefit from? Let’s take a closer look.

People Are Spending More Time on Digital Media

Often, it comes down to the numbers when trying to make a decision that benefits the company, so it’s only natural to question how much time is spent on digital media. According to a report by comScore in 2016, the time people spend on digital media has increased by 53% over the last three years, and much of this is attributed to the use of mobile apps.

People are using apps to communicate and connect with co-workers, friends, family, and businesses, as well as use them for entertainment, shopping, and for doing research. In other words, they are becoming more and more reliant on them.

Look at an App as an Extension of Your Website

Knowing that people are becoming more reliant on apps may be all the push you need, but it’s also helpful to look at an app as an extension of your company’s website. Term the app as a companion tool and then you can start looking at it in a whole new way and start to understand the potential that it can offer.

Companies are working directly with business owners of all kinds, even including the standalone senior living architect, to create and develop apps that not only look and perform great but deliver value to the end-user – which is your customer. The idea is that the app isn’t just a replica of your website. Rather, it offers more information, more content, and even more usefulness, which peaks the interest of your customers.

Apps also provide you with another marketing tool. It’s a great place to promote products, promotions, and deals, and help potential clients to learn about your services and offerings in an engaging manner. Go ahead and load your product catalog in it, offer videos, blogs, and even make it possible for clients to connect with you and purchase goods through the app.

It’s also important to think of the app as a tool that works with your website, rather than its own separate entity. You want all your products working together smoothly and linking to each other, as this is the best way to engage with your customers.

So, while it’s not absolutely vital to the success of your small business to offer an app, it certainly can help you to get more exposure and engage with a larger volume of clients and customers.

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John Paul
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