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Movavi Video Suite: A Review

How do you create a video? To be honest that is a pretty loaded question because there are so many ways to do so. Odds are you already have several ways in which you can record video footage – but to truly create a video that looks good the one thing that you need on top of that is software that can pull its weight.

Assuming you want to produce videos, Movavi Video Suite will certainly be an attractive option. It is essentially an all-in-one video production software that has every feature you will need to record, edit, and end up with professional-looking and attractive videos.

Movavi Video Suite

Features Under One Roof

Having all these features under one roof is certainly what makes Movavi Video Suite stand out. When you start to use it, you can expect to be able to:

  • Record videos via multiple different methods including using screen capture to record your screen or grab video footage from a webcam.
  • Utilize existing video footage that you have acquired or recorded using a digital camera, smartphone or some other device.
  • Digitize videos from analog sources such as VHS tapes or older camcorders.
  • Process the video by cutting out any unnecessary parts and combining clips to create a final cut that fits your requirements.
  • Enhance the video quality and fix any issues that may be present so that the footage looks clean, professional and high quality.
  • Add different types of video effects such as animated transitions between scenes, filters to transform the style of the video, or special effects to alter it in other ways.
  • Insert audio tracks as required to include background music or voiceovers that you can even record directly within the software itself.
  • Place captions, subtitles and other text-based elements into the video and control their style and appearance.

Frankly speaking all of that is still just the tip of the iceberg and as you explore Movavi Video Suite you’ll start to realize that it can convert videos, optimize them for various platforms, create slideshows, and much more too. The best part however is that it is such an easy to use video maker that you won’t need to go through a cumbersome learning curve to use it. All that you need to do really is decide what kind of video you want to create, and within minutes you will be able to find the features you require and use them to do just that.

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