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6 Elite Fashion Apps for the Macho Man in You

When it comes to men’s fashion, style comes in a variety of trends such as the dashing businessman’s suit, the next door boy’s casual look, the party scene attire, etc. The ever changing lifestyle of a man calls for fashion apps to design a particular suave category that celebrates the masculinity of men globally.

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Factors to look out for in a fashion app dedicated for men

Men have a rather complicated apparel collection to look out for compared to woman, depending on their facial-hair features, a lot of the designs need to go well with their build as well as their tastes. It’s for this very reason that a fashion app has to be extremely cautious while sorting out the collections available on their app feed. It’s highly important for a fashion app to:

  • Never present the same style collection for over a couple of months
  • A good fashion app enlists leading fashion designers to unveil their seasonal collection

Presenting the Top Fashion Apps for the Masculine Indian

We have searched high and low for the country’s most esteemed fashion app list and have compiled a list of the 6 finest fashion apps available for the fashion savvy Indian. Our analysis is based on the following factors:

  • The latest craze in the fashion world and trends
  • Celebrity fashion and top fashion apparels around the world
  • Fresh styles catering to business apparel and casual attires
  • Ease of shopping and social networking connect

And without further ado we reveal the following dominant fashion apps in all their glory. Alternatively try the loafer specialists at

#1. GoFynd

Undoubtedly, one of the leading fashion apps to hit the fashion world. GoFynd has an assortment of apparel collections that combines business and pleasure for youngsters and men alike. Boasting of leading brands such as Wrangler, Lee, Caravan, Louise Phillipe, etc. GoFynd has certainly redefined fashion for men in India, as well as reaching out to an international audience.

Shopping on GoFynd has never been easier, like a particular t-shirt or a bow-tie but not ready to make a purchase yet? Add them to the ‘My Fynds’ list and browse at a later time. You can also share your My Fynds list to your friends through social networking. GoFynd is available for Android and Apple devices and hosts plenty of sales on a regular basis.

#2. Myntra

Myntra has been India’s leading fashion app store for a long time now. With a vast number of clothing garments on display, men have always been spoilt for choice when browsing one of their leading designer sections.

The mobile application is quite user-friendly and a subscriber receives alerts from time to time regarding the latest offers that the store has on display. Myntra offers men a collection of trousers, shorts, shirts, ties, shoes, etc. Having a large user-base in India, Myntra has pioneered a range of fashion designs exclusive for the Indian audience.

#3. GILT

GILT offers trendy vintage collection for men, with a fashionable collection of jackets, watches, and boots, the fashion store also features a wide selection of skin-friendly cosmetics for men. GILT has a premium selection of top-hats, jeans, beachwear, and sunglasses exclusive for men.

The GILT app comes with fashion rich style statements to offer men and their dressing needs.

#4. Jabong

Jabong has seen its share of success since its foundation. Hosting a wide range of men-specific wear, the company has catered to a seasonal change of clothing. Similar to GoFynd, Jabong has a wide range of leading brands that entice its male user-base with a wide variety of jackets, wallets, t-shirts, etc.

The Jabong app offers a rather comprehensive list of offers and discount coupons to its users. Although this can get intrusive, there is an option to turn the alerts off on the app.

#5. Valet

With an emphasis on fitness and men’s grooming necessities, this fashion brand sets out to be exactly what men want in their fashion app; An ever-changing style statement.

Valet offers men a complete handbook to rediscover their inner fashion demons. The Valet app offers a world of information on trimming facial hair, handbags for occasions, and other nifty features men would find helpful.

#6. Mr Porter

With Mr Porter, men are spoilt for footwear choices with a range of loafers, leather shoes, sneakers, etc. on display. The global destination for the latest fashion essentials, Mr Porter offers men the chance to charm their way into events with their impeccable dressing collection.

For a complete shopping experience, try out the Mr Porter app.

The Race for the Best

While all the mentioned sites are great for shopping, it comes down to an actual toss-up between functionality and user-experience. GoFynd edges past the rest due to its rather accommodating app experience, available for both Android and Apple allows users the ease of convenience in device portability.

Suumit Shah
Suumit Shah
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