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Motorized Monitor Lift

We live in times when we can’t do without automation anymore. And what for? It gives us numerous privileges in spheres where people once hated to work. For example the excavation industry. Before the hydraulic excavator heavy machine was invented, the only instrument of digging was a shovel which obviously required from people a lot of force and stamina to use it. But now everything has changed. Exhausting manual labor in most cases nowadays can be replaced with automated mechanisms that are capable to do everything instead of us.

Motorized Monitor Lift

            Motorized TV lifts are also fell under this category of modern automation technologies that are dedicated to change life for humanity for better. And it would be unwise to say that the only benefit it brings is the aesthetic beauty of high-tech smart houses where TV screens are attached to the automated lifts to just slide up & down and that’s it. There stands many more behind this technology. Not just luxurious caprices.

Frequently young families have a shortage of free space, which causes difficulties when the family wants to install a large TV they always wanted. Add to this atmosphere a little hyperactive child who just learned how at the same time to be quite effectively everywhere, and a pet, for example, an ordinary cat who is pretty convinced that the cabinet standing right opposite to a sleeping bed is his property deserving a fair regular dancing ritual each morning.

Automated linear motion TV lifts for screens help to hide the monitor inside the cabinet totally at the same time preventing it from being broken by a child or a cat. Furthermore, the space for a TV screen placement is not solely limited to cabinets. These could possibly be walls,  ceilings, wardrobes, chests of drawers, etc. Thus it’s clear that entertainment is far not the only purpose of automation integrated into this sphere. This linear motion technology so brilliantly performed by Progressive Automations manufacturer allows installing different sizes monitors even where space and chances are limited. Not every kitchen has a flat surface to put a TV there. But with linear motion TV lifts capable to show & hide the screen, house owners will have a unique chance to hide it inside the kitchen wall and solve their quest.

TV lifts automation solves numerous problems. It provides flexible conditions where multifunctional solutions are required. Making the working corner with numerous monitors placed on TV lifts and special linear motion brackets makes no difficulty anymore. Everything real engineers ever wanted to constructs in their geek caves now is possible. Numerous mechanisms related to TV motion can be made with products provided by Progressive Automations. Motorized monitor lifts are purposed to provide its customers with higher possibilities and more space for variations when it comes to automation technologies. Working principles may be changed, however, the results presented by linear motion technology for TV movement will always remain at the same high level. With a simple press of a remote control button, the TV monitor can be hidden away until it would be needed the next time.

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