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How To Convert RTF To PDF With Anyconv.Com

Do you have an RTF file, which you are struggling to open in your computer? Then you must take a look at the RTF to PDF file conversion process. You are already aware of PDF files. It is a common file format, which is being used to create documents. This portable document format can provide you with a variety of benefits, especially in terms of portability.

How To Convert RTF To PDF With Anyconv

RTF is a file format that is quite similar to PDF. In other words, they offer the same functionality as of PDF files. However, RTF files can only be opened on the Mac computers. RTF stands for Rich Text Format. It will provide you with the opportunity to compile a text file and then save it on any given operating system. However, you need to keep in mind that you will not be able to add any objects or images to the RTF files. The RTF files are completely text based.

You will be able to create a RTF file with Microsoft Word that you have in your windows computer as well. However, it is developed on a Macintosh framework. The RTF file would define control words as well as symbols, which play the role of a common denominator that formats the commands.

When you are saving a file in the RTF format, it will be converted into the RTF language. After that, the RTF file can only be read from a limited set of applications. Therefore, you will come across the need to convert RTF to PDF. You can get the help of a RTF to PDF converter for this process.


For the RTF to PDF conversion process, you can think about using It is one of the most outstanding file conversion tools that you can find on the internet. One of the best features that you can see in is that you don’t need to worry about downloading any applications to your computer to start using it. It is purely a web based application. You will be able to upload your RTF file and then convert it to PDF file from this converter.

However, you will also need to keep in mind that it is possible for you to use and convert only one RTF file to PDF file at a time. If you are okay with it, you can go through the below mentioned steps, where we explain how to convert RTF to PDF. Any person who wants to learn how to change RTF to PDF can go through these steps. You will be amazed with the level of simplicity that you can get out of the tool as well.

Step 1 – Visit

The very first step that you should follow is to visit On the homepage, you will be able to see all the file formats that you can convert with the help of this tool. They include RTF to PDF conversion as well. The website has got a simple and an easy to use interface. Therefore, you will never get confused when you are visiting the site.

Step 2 – Upload the file

The second step is all about uploading the RTF files that you have locally on your computer. You can click on the file explorer and locate the RTF file. Or else, you will also be able to drag and drop the RTF file to the uploader.

Step 3 – Convert to PDF

Once the RTF file is uploaded, you will be provided with a list of conversion capabilities that you can try. Out of those options, all you have to do is to select PDF. Then the automated conversion process will begin.

Step 4 – Download the file

The RTF to PDF conversion process is instant. Therefore, you will be able to get your hands on the PDF file immediately. Once the conversion is completed, you can see a link, where you can download the PDF file. All you have to do is to click on that file and download the PDF file.

By following these steps, you can convert RTF to PDF. The process is extremely simple and straightforward. Therefore, you will be able to get the job done and open the document without any difficulties.

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