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Most Flourishing Features Of OgyMogy Spy App

OgyMogy is monitoring software that offers amazing features to the customers. It is a monitoring app that has a separate version for monitoring different gadgets. If you want to monitor the target person through the laptop or tablet you can try the Mac or Windows spy app version. It helps the user to monitor the digital activities of teenagers, employees, etc. You can even monitor the smartphone as well by using the android spy app version. So the app offers versatile packages for the users to keep an eye on the target person. The target person can be teenagers, kids, employees, elder or senior citizens, patients, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.

Features Of OgyMogy Spy App

The android spy app has a user-friendly interface. The most amazing thing about the  spy app is that it offers features in the form of bundles or packages. Thus the user can select the bundle of their choice that fulfills most of the desires and needs. All you need to do is select the package, get it to install in the device by following simple steps, and done. Now you can monitor the on and offline activities of the target persons remotely. An important thing to mention here is that you need to physically access the target device just for once at the time of installation. Other than that, OgyMogy provides remote control to the user.


The keylogging feature records the keystrokes applied on the device. Users have access to the id account along with passwords. You can monitor the employee’s email correspondence, sent and received emails along with attachment history. So keep up the tech game with the keylogging feature.

Call History:

OgyMogy gives remote access to the call history record of the target person with complete timestamp information. So know about all the incoming and outgoing call records and make sure you know about any suspicious calls on your teen smartphone.

Record Screen:

The app offers the user to watch the screen of the target person in real-time. So keep an eye on the screen activities of your teen or monitor the progress of the employees in real-time with the screen recording feature of the app. It records the activities in the form of short recordings and snapshots as well.

Snapchat Spy:

OgyMogy offers a Snapchat spy app feature that gives remote access to all the Snapchat activities of the target person to the user. So check the chatbox, voice logbook, and newsfeed activities so the teen or girlfriend and know about it all with the screen recorder feature of the app.

Location Tracker:

Want to know about your teen’s secret hideouts or worried about the whereabouts and safety of the senior citizen this feature is for you. Now you can track the pinpoint location of the target person in real-time with the location tracking feature of the spy app. Mark a virtual safe and restricted zone on Google map as well for the target. Thus any movement around the marked zone will be notified to you by the GPS tracking feature of the immediately.

Voice Recording:

Listen to the surrounding voices and sounds of the target person with the voice recording feature of the app.

Text Messages:

Lets you have an insight into the text message folder of the target person.

Have Access To the Photo Album:

With OgyMogy you can keep an eye on the photo album of the target person. So keep an eye on the captured, shared, and downloaded content of your teen and make sure they are not into any malicious content.

Bookmarks spy:

Check the internet search bar of the teen and employees with bookmarks spy and know about the frequently visited websites with just a few clicks.

Facebook Screen Recording:

Facebook screen recording feature of the app saves the sent or received record even after the disappearance from the target device. So know about the facebook activities with the screen recorder and keep an eye on the digital activities.

Live Camera Streaming Spy:

This Live camera streaming spy feature of the app use the front and rear camera of the target person to capture the surrounding in real-time. So check the live coverage or monitor the surrounding of the target person with short recorded videos.

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