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A Few Things To Consider When Purchasing Best Baby Video Monitor

A baby monitor gives you freedom to move in the house as your little one sleeps or plays in a space. It can be a blessing and many parents use it all over the world to monitor their kids while doing other chores. There are numerous products available to you in the market but only a few will do good for you. Often individuals complaint that the batteries die a little too soon or there is audio interference which interrupts good transmission. So, how you find your best baby monitor?

A Few Things To Consider When Purchasing Best Baby Video Monitor

Type of monitor

First, start with checking what type of monitor you require. Primarily, there is an audio and an audio video version. However, they are further categorized into analog and digital. All the device work using a certain band to assure that the monitor transmits signals to receiver in other room. Depending on your choice, the audio monitors are available anywhere between $25 and $150 while the audio video models can be obtained from $80 to $300. With price comes the features such as HD colors, vibration, alerts, and much more.

Frequency band

There are instances when your wireless product works at a similar frequency. So, if your baby monitor operates at a frequency band that is closer or similar to any other product in your home, such as a cordless phone, you are likely to hear a static noise or a cross talk. Most of the manufacturers use a 1.9 GHz band which is reserved for voice only apps. However, some may use any other frequency band. Never select a product that operates on 2.4 GHz.


Most of the monitors come with an electrical cord for connection or batteries that are non-rechargeable to work in baby’s room. For receivers, you are likely to have operation over an electrical cord or batteries that are rechargeable. Do watch out for the timing because even the ones that come with rechargeable batteries might drain a little too quickly than you expect.

Night vision

A number of best video baby monitorshave infrared light that helps in attaining appropriate night vision. It is there to help parents monitor their babies even when they are sleeping in the dark. There are cases when a receiver will allow you to activate the night light on the nursery unit from the comfort of your bed. What else? You might have a chance to adjust the light and brightness and even play music and nature sounds.

Other features

Apart from those listed above, you can take a look at the sound and lights. Do check for motion and sound sensors as there are certain high end models which will help in filtering out the normal sounds and motions. There can be temperature monitoring on the models. The product should have a range indication so that you get to know when you go out of range and there should be a battery alarm too.

So, these are certain characteristics of best baby monitor. Make sure that you buy after reading product reviews carefully and assuring that they comply to your needs. For more details you can check out

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