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The Beginner’s Guide To Choose Right Bluetooth Speakers For Your Requirements

Music has been one of the most common hobbies that humans have had since the beginning of humanity. Music brings together people of different cultures and unites everyone across international borders. Even archaeological expeditions show that our ancestors have had a knack for music. It has become a common language of expression for people irrespective of their mother tongue. Some people have the passion to create music, while others love to listen to some nice music of their choice. People have been using electronic devices like Walkman, iPods, home theatre systems, speakers, etc. to listen to music. In the recent past, disruptive technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. have enabled wireless device connections and data sharing. This has led to the invention of smart devices that can be wirelessly controlled. And the best part is if you’re a student then you can also get discounts on these devices through certain sites such as BrokeScholar.

The Beginner's Guide To Choose Right Bluetooth Speakers For Your Requirements

Bluetooth speakers is one such wireless device that has made a mark in the market due to its connectivity and portability factors. A lot of brands are selling Bluetooth speakers; hence it becomes difficult to choose one for yourself. These speakers come in all shapes and sizes in different price ranges. Sound quality is an important factor in the selection of a Bluetooth speaker. Specifications itself won’t give you much information about the device. In this article, we have created a checklist that you should consider before buying a Bluetooth Speaker.

Where would you be using it?

Before you pick a Bluetooth speaker, list down the places where you would be using it. If you plan to use the speaker outdoors, then it’s portability and compactness should be your first concerns. The speaker should be compact in design so that it can be kept on an outdoor location like gardens, tables, porch, etc. It should also have an IPX rating of 4 or above so that you know it is water and fall resistant. Any damage to your new Bluetooth speaker would be heartbreaking. You might also want to check the range till which you can connect the speaker without any hassle. But, if you plan to buy the speaker for your room or any other indoor location in the house, then you can go lenient on some of the factors mentioned above.

Sound Quality

Sound quality should be your next criteria in shortlisting the speakers. You might have to shell out more money if you choose a speaker with a good base and clear treble. But, if you don’t want to extend your budget you might have to compromise with sound clarity in your speaker. Moreover, a portable speaker has a space crunch and therefore this category of speakers seldom delivers on sound quality. You can’t expect a home theatre like experience from a small portable Bluetooth speaker. If you want to find a portable sound speaker with good sound quality, see this Sonos Play 5 review.


The wireless connectivity of the Bluetooth speaker that you are choosing should be strong. This will make the device easy to use, both inside and outside your house. It would also be good to have an option for a wired connection to save battery during its usage. Having a microphone would be an added advantage and would enable you to take calls through the speaker itself. You can even give instructions to your device’s virtual assistant through the microphone.

Battery Life

Using Bluetooth speakers for a few hours of partying or entertainment doesn’t call for much concern over its battery life. But if you plan to travel or party all night then you will need to ensure that your speaker’s battery is up to the mark. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your friends with a no-music party. The specification section of speakers has the details of its battery life. Do check it before buying the one you have chosen.

Smart Features

Smart speakers are trending nowadays. Devices like Alexa, Google Home, etc. are loaded with the latest technological features and do much more than playing music. Getting App support through the speaker would be a great add-on to your device. You might have to spend more money to get smart speakers, but using it would be a different experience altogether.

Speaker design

Choosing a speaker’s design is a personal choice of an individual. For buyers who love vintage-look items, retro Bluetooth speaker is a good choice to buy. Here are some of the best retro bluetooth speakers you can buy. The classic and vintage look of these speakers sets them apart from other portable Bluetooth speakers. Some of these speakers come loaded with retro songs that bring back childhood memories.

Following these basic guidelines should help you in selecting the right portable Bluetooth speaker that suits your needs. Do share the speaker you have bought in the comment section below.

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